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Price increases in September (08/15/2021)

To our valued customers and new faces in the OMTech Community,

At OMTech, we strive to make quality engraving machines accessible to all. Throughout the challenges of the last year, we have implemented several programs and features to enhance our user experience while keeping prices low:

-2 Year Warranty on all Machines

-Factory QC

-Free Technical Support calls

-Showroom and Demo Room visits

-Growing FB community and user support

As most of you know, nearly all industries are facing unprecedented challenges with global logistics. Unfortunately, in September, we will implement machine price increases in response to an accumulation of supply chain factors, shipping cost surges, rising material prices, and more. This price increase will enable OMTech Laser to continue providing quality products at still-affordable prices. Our mission remains the same: to make laser machines accessible to all. With several weeks before this change, now is the best time to buy an OMTech machine as prices will remain the same until September. Our team would like to thank you for your support and being a part of the ever-growing OMTech Community.

White Glove Shipping Service (07/20/2021)

In order to provide better delivery service to our valued customers, OMTech is now offering white glove service per request. With white glove service, your machine will be shipped through an upgraded freight system operated by experienced fulfillment professionals who specialize in custom delivery and careful handling of fragile products. Plus, with optional In-Home Placement, the White Glove provider can place your machine in any room you specify. Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind with that extra touch of care from our white glove service providers.

Delayed Pre-Order Fulfillment (06/01/2021)

We regret to inform the OMTech Community that worsening congestion in the global shipping supply chain has caused a 7 to 20-day fulfillment delay for a portion of pre-orders made in April.

We ask for your patience as we can only wait for our local port, the San Pedro Bay Port Complex, to alleviate ongoing congestion issues stemming from restricted productivity due to COVID-19 and excessive inbound demand as more U.S. businesses resume full operations.

If you would like an update on your machine’s expected arrival time, please contact us. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience.

The latest news on LA port congestion affecting the pre-order fulfillment:

Acquistion of Preenex and Orion Motor Tech (03/29/2021)

Serving the Laser Engraving Community

We began our journey as a division of Orion Motor Tech, quickly growing into the largest online seller of laser engravers. We saw significant demand for US-based customer service and technical support, so we founded OMTech with skilled laser technicians and 30-year industry veterans out of Anaheim, California. Our mission: to make quality laser machines accessible to all.

The OMTech Community is Born

Our exciting startup quickly grew into a trusted small company. We developed an exclusive factory partnership to continuously implement product improvements and advance quality assurance. Hobbyists, small businesses, and schools nationwide have come together in online forums and social media groups to build a network of engravers that share knowledge and solve problems together. As the community grows, OMTech users like you are proving that professionally capable machines don’t have to come with a high price tag.

Finding Success with OMTech

OMTech users have started flourishing businesses and found great success with our machines and technical assistance. For this reason, we have acquired Preenex and Orion Motor Tech’s lines of laser machines to provide OMTech’s trusted service to the greater community that made us the brand we are today. In the coming months, our US support team will expand to serve all customers, whether from our website, Amazon, eBay, or elsewhere.

Moving Forward as One

We’re still striving to serve artists and makers building businesses out of backyard sheds and garage workshops. We’re working on exciting innovations to keep OMTech users on the cutting edge of laser craft because we understand that our growth is inseparable from your success. By making quality engraving machines accessible to all, we empower artisans and creatives to unleash limitless laserworks. OMTech — Beaming with Possibilities