Find a Dependable Laser Engraver Supplier in Three Easy Steps

OMTech Innovation Inspires Deceptive Imitation
At OMTech, we don’t just sell laser machines. We develop new products at our R&D facilities in the US and overseas — that’s how we keep you on the cutting edge.

Our latest product development is an upgraded motherboard that enables 40W Desktop laser users to run LightBurn software! The 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU packs a punch of processing power for both home and industrial applications. Due to the success of our powerful k40 mainboard, competitors are now repackaging outdated 8-bit mainboards and passing them as an "upgrade" at huge markups.

These outdated mainboards are not just cheap (under $25 on eBay) — they also don’t have enough processing power to run high-speed engravings with precision.

Deceptive tactics like this can make the buying process more confusing, but you can always trust OMTech for true performance at a genuine value. 

Find a Dependable Laser Company in Three Easy Steps

As a leader in the laser industry, we hope to help keep our community open, honest, and innovative. To help you navigate the market for laser machines, here are three tips to help you find a reputable laser engraver manufacturer that you can trust:

Check Them Out on Social Media

omtech laser engravers on instagram facebook tik tok

Before you buy a new laser engraving machine, check out the company on your favorite social media platform. Does the brand have a considerable amount of followers and likes? Do people have good things to say in the comments? 

Asking yourself these questions can reveal more about the size and scale of the laser engraver supplier. When a brand is young and small, it may struggle to deliver basic services like tech support and instructional content. But when a laser company grows larger, it may not provide the personal service you need over the phone.

Reading through the comments can also indicate the general perception of the brand. Some people will always find something bad to say on social media. But, you should still avoid brands that have frequent negative comments.

Skim the User Manual

download laser engraving machine instruction user manual

Before you purchase a laser engraver, download the user manual from the manufacturer's website and skim through the info on initial machine setup. Is the manual easy to understand? Or does it leave you feeling more confused? 

The laser machine manual will be your primary guide to setting up, using and maintaining the laser engraver. If the instructions aren’t clear, you will get frustrated with calling tech support, watching long video instructions, and searching for basic information that should be easily available. 

The best laser engraving machine suppliers provide a well-written and detailed user manual that guides you through assembly/set up and teaches you to use the machine for the first time. Make sure you buy a machine with a helpful manual, so you have everything you need to know in one place.

Give Them A Call

call contact omtech laser machines customer service support

Before you add that machine to your cart, write down your most important questions and call the company for guidance. Do they answer the phone right away? Or at least call you back the next day?

The best laser engraver manufacturers will help you with almost anything over the phone. You should avoid companies that only provide support through email. Some businesses only provide self-support through forums. If you can’t find a phone number on the Contact Us page, that’s a pretty good indicator of less-than-personal service. 

Other laser machine businesses have sales representatives answer the phones, reassuring you that their lasers are the best. But when you call back with a technical issue, they don’t have anyone who can help. Be sure to inquire about which avenues of tech support are included with your laser machine purchase.

Beyond the Laser Machine

You’re not just buying a laser engraving machine — you’re choosing the quality of service and support you need. Some experienced users don’t need the laser engraver supplier to help them out. Other people need an expert to talk them through each step. If you’re a new player in the laser game, investigate all of these factors before making your big decision.