5 Fun Laser Engraving Ideas to Try This Thanksgiving

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Indulgent meals, long weekends, family reunions, and laughter galore, Thanksgiving has grown to become one of the most beloved American holidays. It's the perfect time to rake in some quality hours with your family and loved ones. And if you've got a laser engraver at home, it can be a really great way to spend the weekend crafting up some handmade souvenirs and home decorations alongside your kids. We’ve put together some projects that will help you get started with using your laser engraver and taking advantage of all its creative potential.

Whether it's adding names, special dates, symbols or sentimental quotes, creating personalized gifts for loved ones can be an endearing way to spice up their holiday season. Try out these fun ideas that are perfect for Thanksgiving or any other time you want to just craft something unique and heartfelt with your friends and family.

Celebrate thanksgiving this year with OMTech! Our newly launched portable Polar CO2 Desktop Engraver will help you seamlessly craft out your design ideas. Wood, acrylic, leather or rubber, the possibilities are endless when it comes to OMTech and its wide selection of affordable products from desktop to high powered CO2 laser machines.

1. Wooden Thanksgiving Turkey

What represents Thanksgiving more than a big juicy turkey? Turkey has been a uniquely American Thanksgiving meal of choice for hundreds of years, it has long been the nation’s proud signifier of wealth and prosperity. Decorate your home today and fill it with the spirit of Thanksgiving by engraving a beautiful wooden turkey piece.

All you need are tweezers, super glue, Baltic birch plywood and some paint.

We’ve even provided a free SVG file to get you started right away:

 Layered Thanksgiving Turkey SVG File

It also comes with a walkthrough video to help you along the way:

Layered Thanksgiving Turkey Walk Through Video

2. Decorative Thanksgiving String Garland

Pumpkins, wilting brown maple leaves and turkey, these are all things that symbolize thanksgiving and the overall mood of the fall season. Create your very own fall inspired string decoration to hang over your fireplace or front door. Enjoy creating this fun decorative piece with family and friends while your juicy turkey is brewing in the oven.

All you need is a 12 by 20 sheet of wood, a 6ft string or yarn, tape, and acrylic paint to make your house come to life.

Here is the free SVG file to get you started on this project:

Decorative Thanksgiving Garland DIY SVG File

There is also a walk-through video to guide you through the engraving process step by step:

Decorative Thanksgiving Garland DIY Walk Through Video

3. Wine Glass Carrier Set

Here we have a decoration piece more geared towards the adult’s thanksgiving table or could be the centerpiece of your at home bar cart. This very simple tropical themed project takes less than half an hour to complete! It includes two matching coasters as well and it is a must try engraving project or a perfect gift idea for any wine lover out there.

All you need is a 12 by 20 piece of maple wood, red oak stain or acrylic paint

Here is the free SVG file to get you going:

Wine Caddy Set SVG File


4. Wooden Tabletop Games

Board games are always a fun and wholesome way to interact with your kids or extended family members during thanksgiving. You could also create and personalize any tabletop game by etching the recipient's name on either the game board or the box. If the gift is for a child, a tic-tac-toe board with customized game pieces would be a special present they could enjoy on family game nights.

All you need to have is a slab of Baltic birch plywood, 2 rubber bands, superglue, wood stain, sponge brush, paper towels and sanding sponge.

Start off your project right with a free SVG File from OMTech:

Wooden Tabletop Game SVG File

5. Faux Cactus with Box Planter

If you are a plant lover or a fan of mini succulents, check out this awesome cactus project that will make you feel the dessert vibe. It is an excellent entry-level project that will help you get a hang of using acrylic materials for future projects. It is a perfectly fun and easy project that will be great for kids of all ages.

To create this cactus merchandise, you would need some transparent fluorescent green and pink acrylic, a piece of Baltic Birch plywood, a hot glue gun, gardening soil, and some paint if you’re feeling artsy.

Begin etching your DIY acrylic cactus right now with this complimentary SVG File:

Faux Cactus with Box Planter SVG File


We hope you enjoyed this list of fun laser engraving projects for Thanksgiving. Visit our Laser Cut File library to download even more free SVG files. Once you sign up to join the OMTech Monthly Newsletter, you can download all the free laser design files you want! You'll find something for almost every notable occasion, from Birthday Cake Decorations to Halloween Haunts.

With OMTech right by your side, there are so many activities to explore and endless new things to create to keep you and your family busy during this holiday season. Purchase or upgrade your laser engraving machines today by checking out our line of CO2 laser engraving machines and the brand new Polar CO2 Desktop Engraver.


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