OMTech Demo Room Program

Our Demo Room Program has started off strong, working wonders for newcomers to the laser community! With Demo Rooms popping up in OMTech user workspaces throughout the United States, there's likely one near you. Meet our crew of OMTech-Certified Hosts, who can teach you all about our laser engraving machines.
What is a demo room?

A Demo Room is a workspace owned and operated by an OMTech user, also known as a Host. If you’re interested in owning an OMTech laser engraver, our team of Hosts can show you their machine, give you a quick introduction to laser engraving, and share their story. Visit one of our machines in person and get a feel for what it's like to be an OMTech user.

Why should I visit a demo room?

Buying a CO2 laser engraver is no easy decision. Here at OMTech, we understand this more than anyone! With so many engraving questions, our Hosts want to help answer them. With a live laser demonstration and more, this is the right place to start.

Visitor Testimonials

What a great way for OMTech to showcase their product line. The Host represented himself well and was a great brand ambassador for OMTech... bravo!


Absolutely loved the demo. The Host was a wonderful person and very courteous. She explained me the machine and its functionality in details. I am convinced to buy a laser and will be placing order pretty soon. Thank you OMTech and big thanks to the Host as well.


The Host was awesome. He went above and beyond with our demo, and I'll be ordering a machine. 10 out of 10 for the Host and the experience.

Find a demo room near you!

With a growing community of Hosts, there's bound to be one near you. From the crashing waves of California to the scenic views of North Carolina, OMTech machines are accessible to many American households and small businesses.

start your laser journey with omtech today!