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Customer Business Stories

Keith Schlotthauer

I'm Keith Schlotthauer, the owner of Schlotdog Laser & Engraving. Schlotdog Laser & Engraving means more to me than just a business; it's an extension of my hobbies where I can combine my love for design with the capabilities of OMTech machines. In addition to crafting physical products, I share my designs on Etsy, offering SVG files to reach a wider audience. I also participate in craft fairs, which allows me to connect with customers on a personal level while showcasing my physical creations. While my annual earnings from my laser engraving business amount to around $6,000, the personal satisfaction I get from bringing my creative visions to life is truly priceless.

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Keith Klein

I'm Keith Klein, a nephrologist at Cedars Sinai and UCLA for past 45 years. My journey into the world of engraving began with humble tools and machines, but I soon realized their limitations. That's when I found OMTech. What truly sets OMTech apart is not just the machines themselves but the endless creative possibilities they unlock. With these machines, I've embarked on a journey of crafting projects, from playhouse for my grandchildren to custom-designed blanket supports and cup holders. Additionally, I find immense joy in engraving for nonprofits like churches and synagogues. For those who are hesitant to start their own business, remember that a tortoise never makes progress as long as it stays in its shell.

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