Handheld Laser Welder

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

1.5 kW Laser latest 3-in-1 laser welding, cleaning, cutting machine is an all-in-one laser system with handheld laser gun to cut & weld metal, and clean rust, paint, resin, coating, oil, stains.
  • Ideal for stainless sheet, iron sheet, galvanized sheet as well as aluminum sheet welding.
  • The adopts an integrated design with a compact size suitable for various working environments.
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Three-in-One Function


Heat affected zone is much smaller, so you can retain the materials’s natural properties much better, so it creates a much better weld; Easy application as the filler will push the handle while welding, up to 4 times faster than traditional handheld welding processes(tig mig );Autogenous

Rust Removal

Quickly remove rusty partsUse the scale tube to clean the welding seam with a width of 5 mm


Auxiliary cutting of metal materials.Laser welder can cut galvanized sheets, carbon steel, aluminum sheets and stainless steel materials with a thickness of 2 mm.

Screen-Equipped Welding Gun

User-Friendly Controls

Expend All
compact and lightweight:

The overall model is compact and lightweight, with three-sided handles on the top for easy movement

Easy Control:

The main control screen of the welding machine can also control laser parameters and wire feeding parameters at the same time

safety system:

The machine is equipped with a buzzer, which has low pressure alarm, high and low temperature alarm, self-protection and other functions. When necessary, the buzzer will sound an alarm and machine will stop emitting light

Equipped with a ground wire protection clip, the machine cannot emit light if it is not connected to the work platform.

safety guarantee:

Equipped with an emergency stop button to stop work if necessary. Reliable safety guarantee is provided for operators.

The whole machine is equipped with an air switch, which provides higher product safety and better usability

temperature control:

Install an oil-water separator to protect the focusing lens from oil and impurities, extending the service life of the product


The product machine comes with a one-year warranty and the laser has a two-year warranty.


The laser welding head comes with 8 nozzles of 6 different types, suitable for wire diameters ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 mm, wire-free welding, cleaning, cutting, etc., meeting welding requirements for inside and outside corners.

Flat Welding, Inner Corner Welding, Outer Corner Welding
Flat Welding, Inner Corner Welding, Outer Corner Welding
Outside Fillet Welding
Optional button
Outside Corner Welding, No Wire Feeding

Case Show

Tailor Welding
Surfacing Welding
Vessel Welding

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This advanced laser welding machine excels in producing durable and aesthetically pleasing welds while significantly reducing material deformation. Additionally, its user-friendly interface requires less technical expertise compared to conventional welding techniques, making it an efficient and accessible option for precise and high-quality welds.

Certainly. Safety is a top priority with this laser welding machine. It mandates grounding for fiber laser emission and incorporates multiple safety measures such as low-voltage protection, temperature alarms, emergency stops, and other safeguards to ensure a secure operating environment.

Here are some tips for maintaining your laser welding machine:
Regular cleaning: Clean the laser welding machine's exterior and work surface on a regular basis to remove dust, dirt, and debris.

Check the consumables: Replace the consumables of the laser welding machine, such as the focusing lens and mirrors, according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Inspect the optics: Regularly inspect the laser welding machine's optics, including the laser head, mirrors, and beam path components.

Proper storage: When not in use, store the laser welding machine in a clean and dry environment away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Material Compatibility: Commonly welded materials include steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and various alloys.

Surface Finish: A clean surface allows the laser beam to reflect off the material, creating a strong weld.

Workpiece Alignment: Alignment is crucial to ensure the laser beam hits the desired spot and the weld is formed correctly.

Joint Preparation: The joint area where the weld is to be formed should be prepared appropriately. Creating a V-shaped or U-shaped groove, and ensuring a good fit between the two workpieces.

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