Testimonial Video Submission

testimonial video submission

Why should you submit a testimonial video?

1000 OMTokens

Earn 1000 OMToken points when you submit an eligible video testimonial that has met all of our submission criteria. 1000 OMToken points can be used as credit on your next OMTech store purchase! 

Free Exposure

Gain free exposure for your brand with OMTech’s customer base. If OMTech selects your testimonial video, we will give your brand a helpful shoutout by including your brand in a caption or tagging your social media account handle.

Video Assests

Create high-quality videos of your products so that you can use them for yourself and your own brand content down the road. Creating this video will help you grow to produce even more intriguing content for your own marketing platforms.

video Guidelines

*Videos that do not meet all of the guidelines outlined here will not be accepted and will not be eligible for OMToken points

  • Shooting Guidelines:

    • Shot vertically: 9×16 aspect ratio
    • Shot in at least 1080p HD. Higher resolutions will be accepted but nothing less than 1080p
    • If you use your front-facing camera, please use the highest resolution possible on your phone
    • The video must be no shorter than 20 seconds and no longer than 60 seconds
    • Stationary or stable camera
    • Clean audio (a quiet background with little to no noise)
    • Well-lit (if you have a ring light / LED lights, that is great; if not, just stand in a well-lit room)
    • To prevent any potential legal issues, we recommend not wearing clothing with prominent brand names
    • Keep it family-friendly/professional demeanor
    • Please name your video submission file this way: “Full Name_Product Name”

    For example, “Nancy Jones_AF3555_130” or “John Smith_Polar”

  • content guidelines

    • Introduce yourself
    • Let us know what OMTech machine you use
    • What projects do you use this machine for
    • Highlight a specific feature of the machine that elevates your process
    • End by highlighting your product, brand, or business!