OMTech's Material Test Card:
Download OMTech's official LightBurn material test card HERE

OMTech's Small Line Font Test Card:
Download OMTech's official LightBurn small line test card HERE


        EzCad Fiber Laser Software 2.14.16

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        Note: Download necessary software to unzip file(s).


          Fiber Services

          K40 LASER DRW

          • Download CorelLASER software (CorelDRAW pre-installation required)
          • Download LaserDRW software

          OMTech Laser User Manuals

          Find the updated instruction manual and support documents for your machine below.

          Desktop CO2 Laser Engraver MANUALS

          Mid-Range CO2 Laser Engraver MANUALS

          High Power CO2 Laser Engraver MANUALS

          Fiber Laser Marker MANUALS

          • USB-20W0-US - FM5959-20 - 20W Fiber Laser Marker
          • FMM-2RW2-US - FM7979-20 - 20W Split Fiber Laser Marker
          • FMM-3RW1-US - FM7979-30S - 30W Fiber Laser Marker
          • FMM-3RW2-US - FM7979-30 - 30W Split Fiber Laser Marker
          • USB-50W0-US - FM118118-50H - 50W Handheld Fiber Laser Marker
          • FMM-5RW1-US - FM1212-50S - 50W Fiber Laser Marker
          • FMM-5RW2-US - FM1212-50 - 50W Split Fiber Laser Marker