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    Have a look at our huge range of industrial air purifiers and fume extractors for laser machines. We've partnered with brands like Filtrabox to distribute laser air assist systems with hepa filters to reduce the air pollution in your workshop.
    23 products
    air purifier
    Filtrabox MICRO Multi-Stage Fume Extractor
    best air purifier
    Filtrabox COMPACT X Multi-Stage Fume Extractor
    air purifier with hepa filter
    Filtrabox EXPAND X Multi-Stage Fume Extractor - X1 & X2
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    Activated Carbon Filter for CO2 Laser Engraver OMT120 Fume Extractor
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    Filtrabox Compact X Carbon Filter
    Filtrabox Compact X HEPA Filter
    Filtrabox Compact X Pre-Filter
    Filtrabox Expand X Carbon Filter Set
    Filtrabox Expand X HEPA Filter
    Filtrabox Expand X Pre-Filter Replacement
    Filtrabox Micro Carbon Filter
    Filtrabox Micro HEPA Filter
    Filtrabox Micro Pre-Filter Filter
    15x11in Primary Replacement Air Filter for XL300 Fume Extractors
    Sale price $109.99 Regular price $129.99 Save $20