7 Cool Projects to Try on a Laser Cutting Machine for Jewelry

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laser cutting earrings with jewelry laser cutter machine

Jewelry trends come and go, with bicep bands and giant chokers making the hot list for 2022. While the pieces that end up on the runways are often impractical, they do provide inspiration for laser cutter projects you might consider doing on your machine.

One of the best things about a laser cutting machine for jewelry making is the flexibility to turn your ideas into reality. Your laser cutter can handle the complex curves and precision cuts needed for taking that inspiration to reality. The ability to laser cut and engrave expands your crafting possibilities as you can work with different materials to create your pieces.

laser cut wood jewelry

There are a lot of fun laser cutter designs out there that can be adapted to your jewelry designs. Let’s take a look at some trends and projects we like that you can do with your laser cutter.

7 Fun Laser Cut Jewelry Projects

1. Bubble Rings

If you hang out on Instagram, you can’t miss the bubble ring trend taking social media by storm. Bright candy colors, inlaid initials, and stackable designs dominate the field.

This is definitely a trend you can capture with your laser acrylic cutter. Ring designs require precise sizing, not needed by other jewelry pieces, which a laser cutter can deliver. Many of the trendiest designs involve a partial inlay on the top of a letter, gemstone, or flower.

The original rings came in resins, so acrylics are perfect for replicating the look. Stack your colors for a layered look, or plan to paint on a fun design.

2. Name Necklaces

With the return of Sex and the City also came the return of the Carrie necklace. It’s sparked a renewed interest in this style, which can easily be done with laser cutting.

You can go with a simple text cutout or make a two-toned version by cutting out the shape and engraving the name into it. Make the name inside a different color by using Duets by Gemini acrylic sheets or with an inlay.

3. Hexagon Pendant

Your laser cutter can handle the curves of a name with ease, but straight lines are easier and faster for the machine. That makes geometric designs super appealing, especially if you’re making them as a business. They’re easier to nest, which allows you to get every single bit of your wood or acrylic sheet.

laser cut geometric jewelry project

Check out the hexagons in our bee buddies project as an example. You can cut solid shapes or outlined hexagons and connect them to build a pendant design. It can be as simple or complex as you like.

Our example uses painted maple pieces, but it would be stunning as a single metal piece as well.

4. Insect Hairpins

laser cut jewelry hair pins

You might have noticed the bees that are part of the hexagon project, so let’s consider them next. Insect designs offer the ability to go super simple with a basic shape or incredibly complex with wing detail.

One of our DIY project options offers two complex insect options - a bee and a dragonfly - along with some lovely flowers. This particular project offers file sizes appropriate for larger jewelry pieces like pins or rings, but also some tiny ones scaled to the right size for hairpins.

The tiny size of these files makes them great for using up scraps or fitting into open spaces when you cut other projects. Cut the basic shape or engrave to get all the details. They look great left natural in maple or try for a two-tone acrylic look with Duets sheets.

5. Winter Wonderland Earrings

Let it snow with some cool snowflakes falling from your jewelry. Connect a few to make dangling earrings or add an oversized one to an acrylic ring. A laser cutter can easily make the intricate cuts needed to create unique and delicate snowflakes.

winter holiday laser cut earrings

You can find a few options in our holiday ornaments kit that you can resize the file to suit your purpose. They’d look great in clear or silver mirror acrylic.

6. Novelty Shape Charms

Designers are bringing back ideas from the 90s and 2000s, which has led to a sea of cute novelty charms that capture daisies, alien faces, peace signs, smiley faces, and rainbows. These fun shapes make great stud earrings but also cute charms that can be added anywhere.

laser cutting jewelry charms

Our DIY craft kits have a lot of fun shapes that can be sized up or down depending on how you plan to use them. Check out the flying witch and bats in the Halloween project or the mustache and bowtie in the New Year’s Eve photo pack.

Many of these were done in painted enamel before, but you can mix it up with painted wood or colored acrylics.

7. Angel Number Necklace

Thanks to Kylie Jenner and other celebs, angel numbers on jewelry have been trending again. An angel number is any sequence of repeating digits, which have unique meanings and messages.

It’s a good way to incorporate laser engraving designs into your pieces since you carve the number into a rectangle plate or on a flat circle. The numbers can also be free-floating designs much like name necklaces. Mix up the style and look by changing the fonts you use to cover the range of modern to gothic.

These are ideal for metals or mirrored acrylics, but you can mix in wood shades for more rustic options.

Need a Laser Cutting Machine for Jewelry Making?

No matter where you get your inspiration, laser cutting jewelry can be a fun hobby or great side hustle. The projects here are a good place to get started with ideas for different types of things you can make and examples of the different materials you can use. From complex inlays to simple geometric shapes, the options are endless.

Need more excuses to get a laser cutting machine for jewelry making? Check out our customer gallery for more inspiration from cool laser cutter projects.