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Laser Gifts: Keychain Engraving with DIY Desktop Laser Engravers

If you are anything like me, the prospect of gift buying is always daunting. To some, this task is second nature. They can effortlessly find the perfect gift that matches their significant other’s personality and demonstrates their thoughtfulness. Most of us, like myself, do not have this skill. When trying to buy a gift for a friend, significant other, or family member, sometimes a one-of-a-kind homemade keepsake is your top choice.

As ideal as a homemade gift might seem, it lends itself to the more creative types. Although I am technically skilled, creating anything artistic by hand is quite intimidating. As a hobbyist tinkerer, I like to use tools and other forms of technology to create something practical. In my mind, the ideal gift to give would be a laser engraved keychain with a customized name or message. A custom laser gift keychain is an easy project to undertake with your DIY desktop laser engraver.

DIY Desktop Laser Engraving

Laser engravers function just as the name suggests - they utilize focused beams of infrared light to laser cut and engrave materials. Although laser cutters have typically been out of the price range of hobbyists and small businesses in the past, the costs and sizes have gone down significantly over the last few years. As a result, laser engravers have become more available to the general public. One of the more recent models to become popular for small-scale projects has been the K40 laser engraver. These DIY desktop laser engravers have several variations but share certain commonalities. For example, they usually deliver between 30-40 watts of power, are under $1000, and have a compact size. These machines are frequently used to create name stamps. A K40 laser is a great option to create these since every stamp is unique and needs to be customized.

OMTech provides several variations of the K40. These DIY desktop laser engravers can be used to etch a name or meaningful message into a wood or leather keychain at a relatively low cost. Laser engraving is becoming a very popular activity for hobbyists and an invaluable tool for small businesses. Like with any new piece of equipment, initial cost, ease of use, and sizes are all important considerations. A DIY desktop laser engraver from OMTech is the perfect solution for individuals looking to start a new hobby, or for those who own a small business specializing in gift keychains, accessories, and other small arts and crafts projects. For a more in-depth explanation of how these devices work, please check out my previous article.


There are several common uses of keychains such as advertising, gifts, wedding favors, and souvenirs. This broad application of use lends itself to customizability and creativity. Several materials can be used to create keychains but my personal favorites are wood and leather because they are easy to work with. These materials can then be cut to specific sizes and decorated with a name or message. The more artistic types might try to freehand etch a name or message onto a keychain. Another option is to use metal stamps. However, these methods of decorating require artistic skills and are time-consuming. This makes a DIY desktop laser engraver the ideal candidate for creating unique laser gift keychains. These devices can etch names and messages in various fonts and sizes while doing so rapidly and with minimal skills required. A more detailed list of benefits is below.


  • Ideal for non-metallic materials such as wood, leather, glass, and acrylic.
  • Ideal for hobbyists and small businesses undertaking small-scale projects (such as custom laser gift keychains).
  • Low initial cost. All OMTech’s DIY desktop laser engravers are under $500!
  • Compact size comparable to that of a desktop computer.

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Hobbyists and small business owners who purchase an OMTech desktop model will have a versatile addition to their equipment. This is because our DIY desktop laser engravers have several benefits for small-scale projects such as the following:

  • Low startup costs
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Literal laser precision
  • Customizability
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent support staff

The uses of a DIY desktop laser engraver are not just limited to making laser gift keychains. A whole myriad of other small arts and crafts projects can be made easier with this device. A number of small items can be engraved with the name or message you desire. This is all possible without the need for technical skills, artistic skills, or expensive equipment. Furthermore, purchasing our K40 laser engraver will introduce you to the world of laser engraving. So many new users quickly become passionate about engraving these DIY projects and upscale their hobby into a business. With OMTech, this transition is as easy as ever, offering a wide range of laser engravers designed for business-like projects.

Get Your DIY Desktop Laser Engraver Today!

Take the headache out of birthday or holiday shopping by creating unique and customizable laser gift keychains for that meaningful person in your life. OMTech makes this possible by providing a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use DIY desktop laser engraver. If you do need any training or assistance, our support staff will be eager to help.

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