The Best Laser Machine Tools and Accessories of 2024

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We here at OMTech are passionate about laser machines and all of the tools and laser engraving accessories that we have on offer. Getting into laser life normally means investing in the basics, such as a CO2 laser machine or the Lightburn software. But when your business grows, and you use the machines exceedingly often, you will need more laser machine tools & accessories, for convenience, support, maintenance and for creating more unique pieces in your repertoire. 

The Best Laser Machine Tools and Accessories

However, with so many different laser machine tools and accessories, it might be hard to decide where to start. That is why we have compiled together a list of some of the best tools and accessories of 2024 and how they can effectively enhance your laser experience. There are tools that you can use to get started, and also accessories that you can use to expand your business. 

1. PiBurn 4.0 Laser Rotary Attachment

PiBurn 4.0 Laser Rotary Attachment

A rotary attachment is one of the first accessories that many people purchase because it allows them to do water bottle engravings, cup engravings, mugs and engravings of any other cylindrical or irregularly shaped objects. The best new rotary attachment is Lens Digital’s PiBurn 4.0 laser rotary. The PiBurn rotary is an excellent investment because it is compatible with all OMTech laser engraving machines; however, it might not fit well on other brands. 

The PiBurn rotary comes with a laser level to ensure that all the pieces you cut are leveled correctly. The adjustable rollers are awesome because they are stable and steady even when placed very low. They can also adjust to safely secure and engrave any irregularly shaped object. The secure clamp system holds your objects in place to ensure that they won’t slip during the engraving process and ruin your design.

The PiBurn has the option of adding magnetic feet. These adjustable feet will keep the rotary attachment securely in place on the work table and, if you have a powerful laser engraver, will allow you to engrave at high speed without slippage. 

2. 6L Industrial Water Chiller for 50W-150W CO2 Laser

6L Industrial Water Chiller for 50W-150W CO2 Laser

The second laser machine tool on our list of best accessories is the 6L Industrial water chiller. Laser beams produce heat that can build up when the laser cutter is used for extended periods of time. This build-up can crack your laser tube and create beam arching, meaning your laser cutter won’t work as it should.

A water chiller, such as the 6L Industrial water chiller, will regulate the temperature of the machine’s laser generator by performing water circulation cooling. This keeps the generator at a consistent temperature and prolongs the lifespans of both your laser and your laser tube, which can benefit you financially long-term.

The 6L Industrial water chiller works well on lower-powered, 50W lasers, but will successfully cool a system with a high-power laser up to 150W. It is known to keep laser generators at consistent heat, even when they are used for prolonged periods. 

OMTech specialists recommend keeping the laser tube temperature at around 60–70°F (16–21°C), but different temperatures can produce different results when engraving. As a result, you may need to play with these temperatures to ensure that your laser engraver is producing the results you want.

3. AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Laser Duct Fan System

AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Laser Duct Fan System

This is one of the most utilized upgrades for OMTech laser engravers, and with good reason. This energy-efficient laser duct fan system has 402 CFM power but operates very quietly.

The AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Laster Duct Fan System has a remote control that comes with the system to allow the user to control the fan without going to it each time. It is convenient, user-friendly, and compatible with lasers with 6-inch exhaust ducts, including OMTech lasers of 50W and above. Since the package includes a mounting hardware kit, you won’t need to struggle to connect it to your laser engraver. 

This is an important laser machine tool for safety. The fan will aid in ventilation by extracting fumes, smoke, and odors that were created by the engraving process. Not only will the air be cleaner while you work, but it can reduce the risk of a fire because it removes flammable fumes.

4. Filtrabox Fume Extractor

Filtrabox Fume Extractor

Another amazing laser machine tool to aid in health and safety is the Filtrabox Fume Extractor. Where the duct fan system extracts fumes from the exhaust, the fume extractor will actually purify the air. It works so well that the Filtrabox even allows you to work in an indoor space, a practice that is typically not encouraged without safety measures in place. With the Filtrabox, you can work in a windowless room without taking the precaution of cutting an exhaust exit in your wall. 

The Filtrabox removes fumes, odors, and airborne particulates. It eliminates the smell associated with laser operations, including the smells that acrylics and rubbers tend to create when they are being cut. And, since the filters are easily replaceable, the machine can give you long-term, corrosion-free performance. 

5. Rolling Caster Wheels

Laser machine Rolling Caster WheelsLaser machine Rolling Caster Wheels

The final product on our list today might be small and inexpensive, but they are hugely important for convenience. Rolling caster wheels are easy to install at the bottom of your CO2 laser machine and are compatible with most OMTech lasers. They come in a regular 2” size wheel and also in a larger, 2.75” wheel for heavier machines. 

Upgrading your machine with these wheels creates instant mobility and ease when transporting your laser machine, even if you only need to move it occasionally across the room. They are heavy-duty, very sturdy, and ensure maximum safety when moving these heavy laser-cutting machines. 

Adding Laser Machine Tools and Accessories

OMTech lasers have made a big difference for many businesses and, in some cases, have even helped to create new small businesses from scratch. Though they are powerful laser machine tools that can be used on their own, laser accessories can help improve the efficiency, profitability, and safety of the machines. These laser accessories are the best the market has to offer, and we are excited to see you use them to take your creative endeavors and laser businesses to new levels.

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