OMTech Laser Business Stories: Bill & Kara Reaser

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Check out the incredible story of Bill & Kara Reaser and how they turned a pastime hobby into a small business with the help of OMTech laser machines! 

Our journey into entrepreneurship began from a shared passion for creativity and a desire for change. After our careers left us feeling overworked and stressed, my partner Kara and I decided to turn our love for crafting into a small business. We started by building toys and games for our 19 grandchildren, which eventually evolved into a business idea. One of our first creations was a unique marble racetrack inspired by childhood memories. As our passion took hold, we transformed our garage into a workshop for our 3D printers, laser machines, CNC machines, and injection molding setup.

The impact of OMTech on our business has been transformative, to say the least. The precision and efficiency of our OMTech lasers has allowed us to reimagine our products, particularly our marble racing track. Instead of having to 3D print every individual piece, we can now laser cut 100 tracks in the time it took to 3D print just one! By streamlining the process, we're able to make our products more accessible to a wider audience while improving our production capacity and operational efficiency. Additionally, we love how reliable and durable our OMTech machines are, as they are continually working during peak seasons.

Our decision to invest in OMTech was driven by extensive research and a clear understanding of our business needs. After sifting through numerous reviews on YouTube, weighing the positives and negatives, it became evident that OMTech offered the best value for us. The scalability of our operations with the addition of more lasers over time is a decision we have never regretted. The flexibility to modify the machines to our specific needs, like enhancing the air assist or adapting the machines for continuous operation, has been invaluable. Despite facing some technical challenges, the solutions we've implemented have ensured our OMTech lasers continue to be a cornerstone of our production process.

To those thinking about starting their own venture, I say: embrace the journey with open arms and a resilient spirit. Every business will face its set of challenges, but the key is perseverance and the ability to adapt. For us, embracing new technology and methods from clay to 3D printing to laser cutting has been instrumental in our success. Research thoroughly, understand your market, and don't shy away from embracing tools and technologies like OMTech laser machines that can transform your production process. Most importantly, believe in your idea and be prepared to evolve it as you grow.

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