Spring Into Creativity: 7 Laser Wood-Engraving Ideas for Spring

Now that springtime’s in the air, it’s time to dust off your wood engraving machine and create something to celebrate the new season. With OMTech’s affordable prices, you can save big on wood laser engraving equipment like the Polar 350 Desktop Laser Engraver or the MF1624-60 60W CO2 Laser Engraver

If you’re at a loss on what to make with your laser wood engravers, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with 7 laser engraving wood ideas just in time for the spring season. Download our free SVG files for more wood laser engraving ideas, and start your laser wood engraving journey with OMTech’s guidance! 

7 Laser Wood-Engraving Ideas for Spring DIY Projects

Plant-Themed Earrings, Keychains, and Pins

plant themed, wood, laser engraved earrings keychains and pins

Spring is the season of growth, new life, and a fresh start, so it’s only fitting to welcome the warm days ahead with plant-themed accessories! Adorn your keys, ears, or head with fun plant accessories made with your wood laser engraving machine. Utilize this free SVG file and turn it into magnets, hair clips, and more. 

Download our DIY file today for free access to easy, fun, and customizable wood engraving projects! Whether you want to showcase your love for plant life or want to create a personal gift for a friend, a personal, wooden keepsake like this is sure to impress. 

Nature Hair Clips 

nature themed wooden laser engraved hair clips

With the birds and the birds flying around, harness the power of nature with these spring-themed hair clips! These beautiful renderings of bees, dragonflies, and flowers are sure to showcase the precision and accuracy of your wood laser engraver. Leave them with their natural wooden grain or paint in the details to bring your creations to life. 

These clips are designed for alligator clips and bobby pins, giving you the perfect combination of different-sized accessories. Witness the intricate details carved by your laser machine when laser engraving wood pieces like these! 

Bird Buddy Earrings 

bird buddy wooden laser engraved earrings

You can’t have springtime without birds! Craft an array of cute, wooden bird earrings with our free SVG file. With a project this small, you can effectively utilize your scrap materials without letting them go to waste! You’ll even get beautifully constructed bird earrings that will thrill any bird lovers. 

From silly chickens to graceful hummingbirds, show off your menagerie of laser-engraved wood earrings with pride. These earrings are an ideal project for beginners or those struggling to think of ideas for their CO2 laser wood engraver

Monstera Wine Caddy 

monstera wooden laser engraved wine caddy

Experience the warm, spring air from your backyard, patio, or outdoor area with this DIY wine caddy set. Designed in the shape of the iconic Monstera leaf, this custom-cut, wooden wine carrier can accommodate a wine bottle and two wine glasses. Perfect for entertaining guests outside, this caddy and matching coaster set is the ideal laser-engraving project for springtime. 

Mushroom-Themed Tray 

mushroom themed wooden laser engraved decor

This fun-loving, mushroom-themed decor can be used to liven up tiered trays or any bare areas of your home (tray not included). You’ll need acrylic paint, paper towels, rubbing alcohol, super glue, and twine to complete this project. Utilize this cute, laser-engraver wood decor for themed birthdays, get-togethers, or any celebratory events. 

Plant Marker Garden Stakes

plant garden stakes wooden laser engraver garden stakes

Spring is the ideal time to get started on your garden! Easily organize your produce with these custom garden stakes. Leave them with their original wood finish, or paint them over for a burst of color. Now you’ll never forget what plants are growing where. Organize your garden while performing a fun, laser wood engraving project. 

Faux Cactus with Box Planter

faux cactus with box planter laser engraved crafts

If you’re not someone with a green thumb, this fake cactus and planter is a fun DIY project that allows you to celebrate new life without taking any! You’ll need transparent, green and pink acrylic to create the cactus and birch wood to craft the planter. If you want, you can even forgo the fake cactus and plant one of your own! After all, what you do with these customizable projects is up to you. The options of what you can create with a bit of wood and an OMTech laser engraver are practically endless! 

The Power of Creation At Your Hands 

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