Instagram Frame - SVG File for DIY Project

Instagram Frame - SVG File for DIY Project

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Create your own Instagram frame to take pictures with as you join the OMTech Community! Be sure to tag @omtechlaser in your photos, so we can celebrate you and your laser journey!

Please Note: This is a digital download and NOT a physical product. The following is compatible with LightBurn.

*This design is for personal use only.

Watch Project Walkthrough: Click Here

Skill level: Beginner

Materials Needed:

  • ⅛” Whiteboard  OR
  • ⅛” Material of your choosing(Birch, MDF, Ply, etc.)

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper towel or shop cloth.
Project Time:
  • Cut & Engrave Time: 10 minutes.

Machine Settings:

  • Cut: 10 Speed, 50 Power
  • Engrave: 150 speed, 20 Power