Better than XTool? Introducing the OMTech Light B10 Diode Laser Engraver

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Laser engraving is a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized the world of crafting, manufacturing, and personalization of items. This innovative process uses focused laser beams to etch or cut various materials, allowing for intricate designs and precise detailing that traditional cutting methods cannot match. With the advent of desktop diode laser engraving machines, this once-exclusive production method has become accessible to individuals, artists, and small businesses alike. Compact and user-friendly machines such as the diode laser bring the power of laser engraving to your fingertips, opening up a world of creative possibilities for customizing products, creating unique gifts, and adding a professional touch to your projects. Let's delve into the fascinating world of laser cutting and explore the capabilities of these cutting-edge desktop diode laser engraving machines.

In the following article, we will provide a side-by-side comparison analysis between the XTool D1 Diode Laser machine and the OMTech Light B10 Diode Laser Engraver machine. OMTech is widely known in the CO2 laser engraving industry for its affordable prices, a vast community of users, and efficient US customer service team. On the other hand, XTool is more recently known for making desktop laser engraving machines and small-scale arts and crafts devices with vast resources on tutorials and learning materials.

OMTech vs XTool Comparison
OMTech Light B10 Diode Laser
XTool D1 Pro Diode Laser
Original Price
Laser Power
Working Area
400 x 400mm
430 x 400mm
Engraving Speed
Machine Dimensions
655 x 635 x 200mm
600 x 590 x 150mm
Air Assist Function
Built-in, included in laser head
Available for add-on ($139)
Laser Spot Size
0.07 x 0.07mm
0.06 x 0.08mm
Max Workpiece Height
2 inch
2 inch
Leg Riser (added height)
8 risers included (2 in. add-on)
Add-on ($40 for 8 legs)
Control Software
LaserGRBL, Lightburn
XTool Creative Space/ Lightburn
Single Pass Cutting Thickness
8mm (wood)
6mm (wood)
24 months
12 months

OMTech Light B10 Diode Desktop Laser Engraver 

Southern California-based OMTech Laser and its extensive product line have long been known for their comparatively low prices and reliable customer support infrastructure. With many of its products at a considerably lower price than the average market, there is no better company to think of when you are keeping value for money in mind. With their recent success on the OMTech Polar Desktop Laser Machine and the K40+ Desktop Laser, OMTech proves that they can produce top-quality desktop laser engravers, and not just bulky CO2 engravers for businesses.
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Launched in July 2023, the OMTech Light B10 Diode Laser is one of the most desirable low-budgeted machines of the summer in the evergrowing laser cutting industry. The B10 Diode Laser is branded as a cheaper XTool D1 alternative, but it also features many components that the XTool laser machine doesn’t provide. The B10’s most notable feature is that it comes equipped with a built-in air assist system within its laser head that will significantly benefit your cutting capability and quality. The air-assist function blows away unwanted smoke and dust debris, leaving cleaner line cuts and less of a charring effect on your engraving projects. Besides cleaner cuts, the air-assisted laser machine also helps improve the safety of your work environment and increases the lifespan of your diode laser machine. Most diode machines in the market do not come with air-assist functions; you often have to purchase an air-assist system at an additional cost. In XTool’s case, you can purchase an air-assist set from their website for $139. 

OMTech’s B10 Diode cutter also comes included with 8 leg support risers that you can add to the bottom of your laser grid. The risers will allow you to increase your maximum project piece height by 2 whole inches. Hence, you will be able to laser cut on larger objects as well. Besides that, the 0.07 x 0.07mm laser spot size marks an industry-leading cutting precision. You can perform higher power cuts with very fine finishing results. In comparison, the Ortur diode laser has a much higher focal spot at 0.05 x 0.1mm. In regards to laser engraving software, the OMTech Light B10 comes included with Open Source LaserGBRL, and instructions on how to operate the software are in the manual, so you can begin cutting right away. The B10 Diode machine is also compatible with Lightburn software, so you can use the same Lightburn interface for your other CO2 laser machines as well. 

XTool D1 Pro Desktop Laser Machine 

XTool has been doing very well in recent years. It has rapidly gained popularity among hobbyists, arts & crafters, and home businesses for their easy-to-use desktop laser machines. XTool has been in the Diode laser game for a long time now. What started as a small-scale Diode selling business has now turned into a shop with many different portable desktop laser products. Part of what comes with XTool machines are the thorough tutorials and live streams that come with being part of their community. They are known to have lots of learning resources, which is always great for laser engraving beginners. 

XTool, diode laser, laser cutter, laser engraver

XTool’s D1 Pro Diode machine is relatively fast, it engraves at up to 400mm/s, so you will get your project completed in a much shorter amount of time compared to other diode machines. Besides that, the machine itself is very light, weighing in at a mere 5.5 kilograms. This makes the D1 Pro easily portable, and you can carry it, transport it, and take it wherever you need to go. The downside of purchasing from XTool is that their machines are priced much higher than the industry standard now that they have set foot in the market. Priced at an original price of $849.99, this diode laser machine is significantly more expensive than other brands, even after their deceiving promo discounts. Besides that, you would also need to purchase many accessory add-ons to match the functionality of the OMTech B10 Diode. An air-assist system would cost you an additional $139, and 2-inch leg risers will add an additional $40 to your cart, all of which are included for free when purchasing an OMTech Light B10 laser. Another downside for laser beginners when purchasing XTool machines is the shorter 12-month warranty period that comes with purchasing their machines. So, if you have any technical issues a year after your machine purchase, you’re out of luck. 


With all that’s said and done about differentiating the varying functions between these two Diode machines, you can never go wrong by picking a multifaceted machine with a significantly lower price. As a 10W Diode laser engraver machine, OMTech’s Light B10 will provide more value for your money than the XTool D1 Pro. The Light B10 provides built-in air assist functions, a 2-year machine warranty, and much more at a lower cost than the XTool D. 

Do not ever factor out the possibility of turning your hobby into a small profitable business one day. OMTech has many high-powered CO2 and fiber laser cutting machine options to choose from if you want to take it to the next level. As you begin your lasering journey, I suggest picking a reputable laser brand with good US-based customer service, technical support, and a prolonged machine warranty period. Contact OMTech’s sales consultation team based in Southern California for more information on OMTech’s extensive product line. We wish you all the best in starting your laser cutting journey!