Get to Know OMTech’s New Compact Fiber-Laser Metal Markers!

Laser marking metal has always been a game of precision and power. Those who own a small business know that affordable, versatile, and efficient fiber laser engravers are essential for production—achieving fast turnaround times and high-quality engravings. These features are exactly what OMTech brings to the table with their newest product line: the Compact Fiber Laser Marker Series

compact fiber laser marker

The new Compact Fiber Laser Marker machines—the Galvo Compact and the Mopa Compact—offer customers quicker engraving speeds and lighter compositions. Both models feature ultra-precise fiber lasers operating at enhanced speeds that create efficient and lasting engravings on a range of metals. The Mopa Compact can even etch in color, allowing users even more versatility in their fiber laser engraving!

Revolutionary Compact Design 

This new breed of metal laser engravers integrates the laser generator and laser head, resulting in a smaller, more convenient laser engraver for metal that is easy to transport or fit in any workspace setting. 

The Compact Series boasts an astonishingly smaller footprint compared to traditional fiber marker models, making it an essential choice for settings where space is prioritized. Enjoy the ease and precision of an elite laser metal engraver without worrying about separate units and bulky components! 

compact integrated fiber marking machine for metal

Lightweight Efficiency 

Not only is the Compact Series designed to take up less space, but it is also 40% lighter than traditional fiber laser marking machines! Take the Galvo Compact 20, which weighs 14 pounds lighter than the traditional Galvo Fiber 20 at just 40 pounds. 

This reduction in weight allows for incredible ease of transport and positioning—essential for businesses and hobbyists who value flexibility and efficient use of space. Don’t worry about the size reduction affecting functionality; the Compact Series offers enhanced power and greater engraving speeds while cutting down on size. 

Accelerate Creativity with High-Speed Engraving 

Speed is essential in production; any business owner can tell you the necessity of cutting down on turnaround time. If you’re constantly finding yourself twiddling your thumbs while your metal laser engraving machine is running, it’s time for an upgrade. Compact models like the Galvo Compact 50 reach engraving speeds of up to 10,000mm/s, around 43% faster than traditional fiber marking machines! 

integrated fiber marker power source

Explore new heights with accelerated metal laser engraving. Faster engraving speeds not only increase production rates but also ensure that users can bring their designs to life quickly and efficiently without sacrificing precision. 

Cost-Effective Solutions for Laser Metal Etching 

Ultra-quick and precise engraving doesn’t have to come at a steep cost with OMTech’s collection of affordable fiber laser engravers for metal. Starting at $1,699.99, the Galvo Compact 20 is our most economical compact laser metal-engraving machine. Customers won’t have to fret about exorbitant prices or crappy technology; OMTech offers competitive prices for innovative products. 

The Galvo and Mopa Compact Laser Engravers

OMTech’s reimagined fiber laser markers are categorized by the Galvo Compact and Mopa Compact models. 

  • Galvo Compact 

Available in 20W, 30W, and 50W models, the Galvo Compact fiber markers offer exceptional precision across a variety of working areas. If you’re looking for a powerful laser etching machine for metal that can accommodate larger objects, the Galvo Compact 50 50W Fiber Laser Engraver has a 5.9” x 5.9” work bed. Beginners and space optimizers can still join the game with the Galvo Compact 20’s 4.3” x 4.3” working area, making it the ultimate compact fiber marker. 

Starting at $1,699.99, the Galvo Compact is the budget-friendly solution for your metal engraving needs. Save on space and money with the Galvo Compact! 

  • Mopa Compact 

For those requiring more versatility and high-powered technology, the Mopa Compact offers colored engravings at 20W, 30W, and 60W options. Each model is equipped with a 6.9” x 6.9” working bed that provides wider material compatibility. Starting at $2,699.99 for the Mopa Compact 20, you’re receiving more engraving and working material options along with excellent precision and accuracy. Explore new bounds with the Mopa Compact for colored metal engraving! 


compact fiber laser marking machine

OMTech’s new Compact Fiber Laser Marker Series represents a significant leap forward in fiber laser technology. By making metal marking tech more accessible, efficient, and portable, OMTech opens new avenues for creativity and innovation in laser engraving and marking metal. 

Witness the true power of OMTech fiber laser engravers firsthand. Reach out to customer service representatives today to learn more about the Compact Fiber Marker Series. With an eye toward the future, OMTech continues to empower users to unleash their creative potential one laser at a time.

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