The best laser engraver for metal: How to engrave metal jewelry

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Laser engraving is a modern method to create detailed and lasting designs on different materials. Advanced laser technology enables laser engraving. It creates intricate, customizable designs. They are challenging to accomplish using traditional methods.

This article will provide an explanation of laser engraving. We will introduce you to the top metal laser engraving machines and give a full guide to engraving metal jewelry.

What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving utilizes a laser beam to create designs or markings on materials like metal, wood, acrylic, and glass. It removes material from the surface to produce a precise and permanent engraving. This process is time-saving, versatile, and can be customized with detailed designs for various items.

What is Jewelry Engraving?

Jewelry engraving is an art form that transforms ordinary jewelry into personalized works of art. By engraving words and pictures on your jewelry, you can make an otherwise pristine piece of jewelry more vivid and fascinating. Read on to learn how you can incorporate DIY engraving into your metal jewelry.

Advantages of Laser Engraving on Metal Jewelry

Laser engraving machines have become a popular trend for engraving metal, particularly jewelry, rather than engraving manually. Laser engraving on metal offers several advantages:

Accuracy: Laser engraving is highly accurate compared to hand engraving. It can perfectly reproduce intricate designs and fine details from software, making the lines on the metal sharper and more precise.

Durability: Laser technology creates deep marks on metal, resulting in durable engravings that are less likely to fade, wear, or corrode.

Versatility: Laser engraving works well on various types of metal, including brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. It is also highly effective on precious metals such as gold and silver, making it perfect for jewelry engraving.

Customization: Laser engraving allows for easy customization of metal items using design software. This enables the addition of names, dates, logos, serial numbers, and intricate designs, resulting in unique, personalized jewelry.

Efficiency: Laser engraving is quick and effective, making it suitable for both small and large-scale production. It saves time compared to hand engraving and simple rotary axis engraving methods.

Clean, Non-Contact Process: Laser engraving utilizes a non-contact method, meaning there is no direct touch of the metal. This ensures safety and minimizes the production of flying dust.

In summary, laser metal engraving is precise, durable, versatile, customizable, efficient, and eco-friendly. This makes it the ideal option for metal jewelry engraving.

Choosing the Best Metal Laser Engraving Machine

Choosing the perfect laser engraving machine for metal is essential. You need a specific budget. We recommend investing in a high-quality machine. It will last longer and give a quicker return on investment.

OMTech has a wide range of fiber laser engraving machines built specifically for metal, which are the best choice for your laser engraving of metal. Read on for our summary of the essentials you could consider when choosing a metal laser engraving machine. If you're interested, you may also want to explore OMTech's LASER ENGRAVING METAL - APPLICATION GUIDE.

Power and Wattage

Generally speaking, the higher the engraving power, the deeper the engraving will be. OMTech provides fiber laser engraving machines. They have power from 20W to 100W. You can choose based on your material's thickness.

Engraving Area 

Ensure the engraving area is large enough to accommodate the dimensions of the metal items you plan to engrave. If you're engraving larger metals, check out the OMTech 50W fiber laser engraver, which offers a 7.9 × 7.9-inch work area.

Precision and Quality 

Seek a machine that provides high precision and quality engraving. This is particularly crucial if you require detailed designs or small text on metal.

Speed and Efficiency 

Opt for a machine with fast engraving speeds. It should have efficient processes. This will improve productivity. OMTech fiber laser cutting machine can provide engraving speeds of up to 10000mm/s for efficient engraving results.

Software Compatibility 

Ensure the laser engraving machine is compatible with your chosen design software. OMTech fiber laser engraving machines are all adapted to the engraving software lightburn.

Ease of Use 

Choose an intuitive machine that is easy to use, particularly if you are new to laser engraving technology.

Maintenance and Support

Consider the availability of training, technical support, and maintenance services. OMTech offers a 2-year warranty and industry-leading service.

By considering these factors, you can choose the ideal metal laser engraving machine to meet your needs.

MOPA 20 FIBER LASER: Precision and Versatility in Laser Engraving

The MOPA 20 is an excellent choice for engraving metal jewelry. Its advanced features ensure precise, high-quality results, making it ideal for intricate designs and professional applications.

Full-Color Marking: The Mopa 20 allows for creating dark marks on anodized aluminum and full-color images on stainless steel, titanium, and chromium, making it perfect for detailed and colorful jewelry designs.

High Precision: Equipped with a Sino-Galvo scanning head and Fθ lens, the Mopa 20 ensures exceptional accuracy and consistency, maintaining a focused laser spot size with less than 1% distortion, crucial for intricate jewelry engraving.

Rotary Axis Connection: Featuring a rotary axis connection port, the Mopa 20 is ideal for engraving rings, bracelets, and other curved surfaces, adding to its versatility.

Software Compatibility: The Mopa 20 works seamlessly with LightBurn on Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems, although LightBurn software is not included. This compatibility allows users to create intricate patterns with ease, enhancing the machine's versatility.

How to Use a Laser Engraver for Engraving Metal Jewelry

Essential Tools and Materials for Engraving Metal Jewelry

  • If you already have a fiber laser engraver, you only need to prepare the metal you need. Clean the metal, remove oil and grease, and dry the surface. 
  • For safety, use goggles since fiber laser engraving machines do not come with protective covers. 
  • Make sure the metal item is clamped or positioned well in the laser engraver. This prevents movement during engraving. 
  • Use the laser engraving software to create or import the design you want to engrave onto the metal surface. Adjust the design's size, position, depth, and settings according to your requirements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fiber Laser Engraving for Metal

Focus Adjustment:

Set the focal point of the fiber laser beam on the metal surface to ensure precise and accurate engraving results.

Adhere to the manufacturer's instructions for adjusting the focus of the fiber laser engraver.

Test Run:

Test the design, settings, and alignment on a similar metal. Verify they are correct before the actual engraving.

Engrave the Metal:

Start the fiber laser engraving process on the metal surface based on the finalized design and settings.

Keep an eye on the engraving progress to ensure the design is being etched accurately and clearly onto the metal.

Optimize Settings:

Adjust the laser's power, speed, and frequency as needed to achieve the desired engraving depth, contrast, and quality. For engraving gold, typically use lower power settings around 20-30W, for silver, use 25-35W, and for stainless steel, use higher settings around 40-50W. These guidelines ensure precise and high-quality results.

Post-Engraving Inspection:

After the engraving is done, inspect the metal. Check that the design was engraved correctly and meets your expectations.

Remove any leftover debris or marks from the engraving process. Use a gentle cleaning method.

Surface Finishing:

Consider post-processing steps based on the metal type and desired finish. These steps include polishing, buffing, and applying a protective coating. They improve the appearance and durability of the engraved design.

Final Touches:

Once satisfied with the engraving results, unclamp or remove the metal item from the laser engraving machine.

Conduct a final inspection to ensure the metal surface is clean, the design is clear, and the engraving meets your quality standards.

Popular Metal Jewelry Laser Engraving Projects and Ideas

Engraved Silver Compact Mirrors

Silver small mirrors can be engraved with letters, and patterns, not only is the makeup essential, beautiful small mirror can also be hung on the phone as a cell phone chain.

Laser Engraved Bracelet

Metal bracelets can be accurately engraved with intricate patterns, symbols, or quotes using a laser.

Engraved Earring Sets

You can personalize your earrings by engraving your desired pattern and text on round, rectangular, and other shapes of metal.

Personalized Engraved Rings

You can customize a personalized ring that expresses your individuality or a couple's ring that means a lot to you.

FAQs About Metal Jewelry Engraving

What can I use to engrave jewelry?

  • Rotary Tools: For small-scale and intricate engraving on metal jewelry.
  • Laser Engraving Machines: For precision and versatility on metal, wood, and gemstones.
  • Electric Engraving Pens: Handheld devices for detailed engraving on softer metals.
  • Traditional Hand Engraving Tools: Gravers and burins for precise and artistic engraving work.

What are good engraving quotes?

Consider selecting meaningful and timeless messages that resonate with the recipient. Here are some ideas:

  • Carpe diem
  • Amor vincit omnia
  • To thine own self be true
  • Happiness can be found in the darkest of times
  • Breathe
  • Fearless
  • Live the life you've imagined
  • Inhale courage, exhale fear

Why Fiber Laser Excel in Metal Engraving Compared to CO2 Lasers:

The wavelength of a fiber laser is more readily absorbed by metal, allowing for efficient engraving on metal surfaces. 

Fiber laser engravers produce a more concentrated and intense laser beam for deeper and more precise engraving. 

They are more efficient, producing multiple engraved designs in a single day, and are known for their long life and low maintenance requirements.

What are the jewelry metals that can be engraved by fiber laser engraving machine?

  • Gold: Precisely engraved gold jewelry pieces with intricate designs, text, logos, etc.
  • Silver: Mark and engrave silver jewelry items.
  • Platinum: High-quality laser engraving on platinum.
  • Stainless Steel: Deeply engraved stainless steel jewelry like watches, bracelets, etc.
  • Titanium: Engrave hard metals like titanium used in some jewelry.
  • Copper: Mark copper and copper alloys used in certain jewelry.


In summary, laser engraving has completely transformed the art of metal jewelry making. Jewelry engraving used to be a craft that tested one's skill and patience. Now you have OMTech fiber laser engraving machines at your disposal. You just design your style and put it into the machine. Then, you use the machine to express your emotions and refine your vision. 

You have elevated your engraving skills to the next level. You are searching for the best metal laser engraver. The OMTech fiber laser engravers let you make intricate designs easily and efficiently. Definitely your best choice!

For color laser engraving, the OMTech MOPA 20 fiber laser lets you engrave in color on various metals. This distinctive feature makes your metal jewelry stand out. Dive into laser engraving now. See how this technology can turn your jewelry-making into a fun adventure.