The Best Laser-Cutting Machine Accessories for CO₂ Laser Engravers

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Congratulations; you’ve bought your first CO₂ laser machine! With custom engraving and cutting precision right at your fingertips, the options of what you can create are virtually limitless. From starting your own business selling acrylic keychains or DIYing wooden plaques in your spare time, the CO₂ laser machine is the ultimate tool for hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and more!

However, optimizing your setup requires various laser-cutting machine accessories to enhance the precision and functionality of your system. In this article, we will review the best laser machine accessories to utilize with your CO₂ engraver to optimize your experience.

Water Chiller

When it comes to your CO₂ laser machine, a laser water chiller will help prevent the laser tube inside your device from overheating, cracking, or decreasing in accuracy. The engraving laser on your machine produces a steady, heated beam of CO₂ that will increase in temperature when used for extended periods, which can crack the tube.

Water chillers circulate water through the laser machine in a closed loop, removing excessive heat from the system. This preserves the lifespan of your laser tube, ensuring accuracy and consistent temps for your laser. Because laser tubes can be a costly expense, utilizing an industrial water chiller can significantly increase the longevity of your unit.

Water chiller6L Industrial Single Water Chiller 

If you plan on putting your laser engraver through heavy production for more than 4-5 hours a day, we recommend investing in a water chiller to preserve the health of your laser tube and machine. Even the most efficient water-bucket system will require more maintenance and manual labor than a water chiller. Therefore, use a water chiller like our 6L Industrial Single Water Chiller to keep your laser machine cool!

Air Filtration System

When using a laser engraving machine, the amount of fumes and odors emitted by the system requires constant ventilation—especially if you are cutting or etching plastic, acrylic, and leather (amongst other materials). If you’re working in an enclosed space, an air filtration system eliminates fumes and particulates in the air, creating a safer, indoor working environment.

Fume extractor for laser engraver

Filtrabox MICRO Multi-Stage Fume Extractor 

Not only does an air filtration system extract fumes and odors, but it also prevents the buildup of flammable particulates—reducing the risk of fire in your workspace. Protect yourself and other workers by obtaining an air filtration system.

Rotary Attachments

With water bottles being all the craze these days, a rotary attachment is an essential component for your laser engraver. A rotary attachment like the 4-Wheel Rotary Axis expands your engraving arsenal to cylindrical objects as well, allowing you to etch glass cups, wooden dowels, or even bowls.

4-wheel rotary attachment4-Wheel Rotary Axis Attachment

If you are looking to engrave irregular objects, the Rotary Axis with Jaw Chuck pairs with our CO₂ laser machines to provide 360-degree engraving ability. As long as the item is between 0.8-8.6 inches long and 0.2-3.1 inches in diameter, the jaw chuck can etch custom designs onto bottles with handles or anything of the like!

Rotary axis with jaw chuck attachmentRotary Axis with Jaw Chuck Attachment 

Our Piburn rotary is perhaps our most versatile attachment, offering virtually unlimited space and almost no limitations for the engraved item. Compatible with all OMTech CO₂ laser machines 50W and above, the Piburn rotary is an industry-leading accessory—imperative for anyone looking for a seamless and convenient rotary.

Piburn rotary attachmentPiburn Rotary Attachment

Marking Spray

If you thought engraving metal with CO₂ laser machines was impossible, think again! While a CO₂ engraver typically does not have the power or intensity to mark thick and heavy metals, marking spray grants you the ability to etch images onto metal!

This black marking spray allows you to customize common metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and more. Use this aerosol can to create exciting designs on jewelry, water bottles, and other metal objects.

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OMTech laser machines are high-quality and precise, so they require only the best accessories to support them. Increase the longevity of your system by adding water chillers and air filtration systems to your setup. Other additions include rotary attachments and marking sprays that allow you to expand the ability of your CO₂ laser engraving machine.

Get the best laser-engraving machine accessories here at OMTech, the forefront of laser engraving technology. Browse our collection of CO₂ laser engraver accessories and add efficiency, accuracy, and safety to your setup!