PiBurn Laser Rotary Attachment 4.0 (PiBurn V4.0) from Lens Digital

PiBurn Laser Rotary Attachment 4.0 (PiBurn V4.0) from Lens Digital

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The improvements of 3 vs 4 are:

  • V4 is lower profile but even more capable with larger items
  • V4 has a ruler marked on the vertical lift rail
  • The new version has a better, more precise lift mechanism that is extremely smooth
  • You no longer need to fixate the raised tower with anything like a thumbscrew, it stays in place by itself
  • The design had a refresh but all the technical specs are still the same. 

PiBurn is the best roller-style rotary attachment for OMTech laser engraving machines. Proudly handmade in the USA, the innovative PiBurn rotary allows you to engrave cylindrical objects such as cups, tumblers, glasses, bottles, and champagne flutes with ease and precision. It will securely hold the object while rotating so that the laser can engrave it line by line.

Plug and play compatibility with all OMTech CO2 Cabinet Laser Machines 50W+ (see product dimensions to ensure a good fit in your workbed)

Convenient Size:

  • Weight: 125 oz
  • Dimensions 24" x 10" x 10"
  • 4-Pin Connection cable length: 1.3 meters (over 4 feet)
  • Distance between front wheels: 72mm
  • Open gap between front wheels: about 10mm
  • Distance between back wheels: 40mm
  • Open gap between back wheels: about 5mm

Advanced Features:

  • COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE ROLLERS: Fix your object perfectly in place with the adjustable rollers: move horizontally to accommodate longer or shorter cups, and raise or lower them to fit glasses that taper towards the bottom, like champagne flutes.
  • INNOVATIVE CLAMP SYSTEM: The integrated clamp system holds your product firmly, yet safely, in place and prevents slippage. The adjustable end stops eliminate "walking" movements throughout the engraving process.
  • OPTIONAL MAGNETIC FEET: Adjustable magnetic feet (add-on) hold the rotary unit securely in place on your laser machine's workbed, so you can rotate at high speeds without unwanted movement.

More Details:

  • Full 1-year parts warranty from Lens Digital
  • Each PiBurn is built-to-order and shipped within 2 week
  • Comes fully assembled
  • View Resources from Lens Digital

What is the maximum bottle diameter the PiBurn can work with?
There is no maximum diameter. It’s only limited by laser size. We have engraved round objects of all sizes, from shot glasses to huge dog bowls, nunchucks, scuba tanks, baseball bats, and even wooden pens.

Package Includes:

  • PiBurn Laser Rotary Attachment wired for OMTech Laser
  • Handy Level
  • Allen Hex Keys
  • Special Treat

*This product will be shipped to you directly from Lens Digital. Please contact Lens Digital for your order and tracking info.


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