YL H Series H6 130W CO2 Laser Tube

YL H Series H6 130W CO2 Laser Tube

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Precision Engraving:
  • The YL H-Series CO2 Laser Tubes offer superior construction to produce stable laser beams for precise markings on a wide variety of materials.
  • Cut through thick materials and engrave your designs faster, deeper, and clearer.
  • The water outlet and inlet allow efficient flow of cooling water.
  • Made out of borosilicate glass, copper, and aluminum alloy
  • Equipped with threaded poles to attach a red laser guidance system (not included) that allows easy mirror alignment. No more taping your mirrors!
  • Simple and easy-to-use grounding and power connections
High-Power Specs:
  • Rated Power: 130W
  • Peak Power: 160W
  • Length: 5 ft. 5 in. (1650 mm)
  • Outer Diameter: 2.8 in. (70±2 mm)
  • Operating Voltage: 24kV
  • Operating Current: 24 mA
  • Beam Diameter: 0.24 in. (6 mm)
  • Expected Lifespan (MTTF): 6000-12000 hr.
  • Rec. Operational Temperature: 60-90°F (15-32°C)
  • Recommended Humidity: 30-60%
  • Net Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lb.)
  • Cut up to 7 mm (.28″) thick plywood and acrylic/plexiglass

  • Extended Lifetime:
    • 130W CO2 laser tube with an estimated lifetime of up to 12,000 operation hours depending on power setting usage and water cooling performance
    • PLEASE NOTE: Frequent use of high laser power settings will shorten the laser tube lifetime as follows:
    • Low Power 10–40% = 11,000–12,000 Hours
    • Moderate Power 40–70% = 9,000–10,000 Hours
    • High Power 70–100% = 6,000–7,000 Hours
    Advanced Features:
    • EASY TO INSTALL: The preinstalled YL cathode and anode terminal connections with a full metal structure allow safer and faster replacement.
    • SAFE AND SOUND: The inner tube for the engraving laser beam is surrounded by built-in water tubing and a hermetically sealed outer tube to keep it cool and high functioning. Ports at either end allow easy connection with your water pump or industrial water chiller, and a protective cap shields the high-voltage anode from any shorts or arcing.
    Package Includes:
    • 1 x H6 130W Laser Tube
    • 1 x User Manual
    • No need to worry! We offer a 9-month warranty on this laser tube.
    • FDA Compliant
    • CE Certification
    • ISO9001 Quality Certification


      No matter how well maintained, laser tubes—like light bulbs—are temporary parts that eventually burn out.

      Replace your old tube with OMTech's heavy-duty H6 laser tube. Made of tough borosilicate glass, this durable 130W CO2 laser tube leaves competitors behind. Designed for medium-sized CO2 laser engraving machines, it is 5'5" (1650 mm) long and 2.8" (70 mm) in diameter. It installs quickly and easily: just wrap your power supply's connecting wires around the anode and cathode's connections and hook your water cooling system to the pipe fittings at either end.

      Order today knowing your purchase is protected by OMTech's good name, premium materials, and superior craftsmanship.



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