DIY Craft Kit
DIY Craft Kit

Pugs and Hugs Keepsake Sign - SVG File

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What could be better than a hug from a loved one?

A hug from a pug that you love!

We have a cute and memorable piece to take home for all of those pug lovers out there. It's a perfect gift for any pug owner.

Please Note: This is a digital download and NOT a physical product. The following is compatible with LightBurn.

*This design is for personal use only

Skill level: Beginner

Materials Needed:

  • 1/8" Baltic Birch

Supplies Needed:

  • Wood glue or super glue
  • Paint or Wood stain (optional)
  • Sealant/clear coat (optional)
  • Tweezers

Project time:

  • Cut & Engrave Time: 10 minutes
  • Assembly Time: 30-45 minutes

Machine Settings:

  • Line: 30 speed, 12 power
  • Cut: 10 speed, 55 power

Additional Notes:

Fonts used:

  • Pugs and Hugs - Impact: