Laser Engraving in Cuba, New York | Demo Room Host - Zachary C.

Laser Engraving in Cuba, New York | Demo Room Host - Zachary C.

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IMPORTANT: The date and time requested is subject to change based on the Host's preference and availability.


Machine Type: AF2028-60 60W CO2 Laser Engraver with 20" x 28" Working Area and AF3555-130 CO2 Laser Engraver with 35" x 55" Working Area

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OMTech Certified 

Bio: My name is Zack Carlin. I own two OMTech machines for almost 6 years now and I support OMTech through and through! I have never had any problems with their machines and OMTech has great customer service and support if I was to ever run into a problem! My wife and I own an OMTech 60w 20x28, as well as a huge OMTech 130w 35x55! We also own a 50w Fiber Laser! If you need help deciding on buying an OMTech machine, then look no further!

We have done everything from personalized photo engravings, custom signage, engraved drinkware... you name it, and we have done it!! If you are looking to get a machine for a certain job or specific hobby that you are looking to get into then we can run you through exactly what you will need, and even give you pointers as to where to start with software, settings, and where you will be able to source your materials to make it all happen!
I hope you can come give us a visit, so we can share our love for lasers with you, and hopefully get you started on the right path for success!
OMTech is the way to go! We are here to show you the way! Book an appointment today!

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Workspace Type: Garage

Household: 3 people

Pets: Dog and Cat

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Wheelchair Friendly 

Free Public Parking