CO2 laser engraver cutting machine
CO2 laser engraver cutting machine

Demo Room Host - Fort Wayne, Indiana - Patrick S.

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Machine Type: 60W CO2 Laser Engraver with 20" x 28" Working Area

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OMTech Certified 

Bio: When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, my kids (10, 8, and 5) and I found we had a ton of extra time on our hands.  Instead of spending this time on screens, I decided we should learn a new skill.  While I've always done some woodworking mainly for our own use, we purchased a small CNC diode laser and learned how to use that.  We gave away many items and eventually had people asking us to make them custom things, so we started asking them to pay. From this, our "accidental side business" was created.  We ended up purchasing an OMTech laser to aid in our ability to engrave and cut wood at speed.  Today, we have a CNC wood router, 2 small diode lasers, and an OMTech 60W 20"x28" laser cutter.

Laser Business:


Workspace Type: Detached Barn

Household: 5 people

Pets: Dog (indoor)

WiFi Connectivity 

Wheelchair Friendly ✔

Free Public Parking