Brilliance Laser Marking Spray-12 oz. Aerosol Can

Brilliance Laser Marking Spray-12 oz. Aerosol Can

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This aerosol spray metal marking black ink makes it possible to create high resolution, high-contrast, permanent black marks on many different metal types using CO2 Laser Engravers. It also embellishes and increases the contrast of black markings on metal when used with Fiber Laser Markers.

Black Mark Aerosol Laser Spray by Brilliant Laser Inks (BLI101) is an exceptionally adaptable product. It has been tested with various OMTech laser machines to ensure top performance with all our CO2 lasers (25W & up) and Fiber lasers (10W & up).

Cutting Edge Features:

  • CO2 ON METAL SOLUTION: With this aerosol laser spray, you can finally use your CO2 laser engraver to make beautiful black markings on metals.
  • ENHANCED FIBER MARKINGS: Use this laser ink as a metal pretreatment for consistently higher contrast markings with your fiber laser.
  • OMTech TESTED: 100% tested on OMTech machines and approved by our laser specialists for heat resistance, durability, permanency, and dark black marking.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Just spray, dry, and mark! The quick three-step process adds minimal time to your operation. It dries quickly and covers up to 4000 square inches per can.
  • BRILLIANT RESULTS: Create high-contrast, permanent, and fade-resistant markings on a wide variety of metals, even in harsh conditions and environments. 

Technical Advantages:

  • Anti-Clog Technology
  • High-contrast permanent black markings
  • Works with CO2 and Fiber Laser Nd: YAG Laser Systems
  • Dries quickly and easily washes off after marking
  • Works with a variety of different metals
  • One 12 oz aerosol spray can covers up to 4000 square inches.

Laser Requirements:

Your engraving/marking machine must meet the following requirements to work optimally with this product:

  • CO2 LASER - 25 Watt Minimum Required (100% P / 15-30% S / 500-700 DPI)
  • FIBER LASER - 10 Watt Minimum Required (@ 10 Watt PWR / 50 mm/sec / 80-500 Q-Freq. / DPI- 0.1mm Hatch)
  •  Low-watt Diode Lasers are not recommended.


  • Tracking and traceability
  • Surgical/ medical instruments/ medical device IDs
  • Decorative Signage & Awards
  • Manufacturing & Quality control
  • Home appliances & Decor 
  • Anti-Counterfeiting 
  • Barcoding & Product serialization

Applicable Metals:

  • Tool steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and mild steel
  • Brass and similar high-heat conducting metals
  • Aluminum and iron
  • Copper (requires a clear coat finish for permanence)
  • Pewter
  • Titanium
  • Bronze
  • Hard anodized aluminum (Soft anodized or painted aluminum will not work)
  • Plated steel (Hard chrome, nickel, etc.)

Brilliance Spray does NOT work with:

  • Trophy Brass, as it is coated
  • Regular Anodized Aluminum (Coated)
  • Gold 
  • Silver

*We do not recommend use on painted, coated, or lacquered metals.

*Test a small batch on your desired material as results vary from laser to laser.

How to Apply: 

High-Quality Black Mark-BLI101MBAS12 is the most convenient and mess-free method to apply our ink on your substrates.

  1. Apply quickly like a regular spray paint can; no special training is required.
  2. Allow to dry and mark the metal shortly after it dries.
  3. Wash off the excess spray after marking is complete.


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