RC7110A Galvanometer Scanning System for 1064nm 80W & 100W Fiber Laser Engravers

RC7110A Galvanometer Scanning System for 1064nm 80W & 100W Fiber Laser Engravers

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  • 1064nm GALVO SCANNER: Perfect as either a replacement or upgrade, this galvo scanner head slots onto OMTech's 80W and 100W fiber laser machines and is compatible with other galvo lasers emitting 1064 nm wavelength beams from 10 mm aperture collimators
  • EXACT AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT: Industry-leading photoelectric sensors control rapid adjustment of the rotary motors, positioning the X and Y axis mirrors above any M85 f-theta lens (sold separately) to engrave your text, logos, designs, bar codes, and more across flat metal, stone, or hard plastic surfaces with pinpoint precision
  • SUPERIOR SPEED & POWER: Responding to input from your control computer and the photoelectric sensors, our galvanometric scanning head positions itself at 157 ips and then marks and engraves at speeds up to 157 ips (4000 mm/s) with high resolution, minimal drift, and outstanding linearity
  • SAFE & EASY OPERATION: The galvo head's built-in red dot indicator produces a clearly visible locator, allowing you to quickly and easily position your material and focus your design before each run; electrical fail-safes include protection against overload, overcurrent, and reversed polarity, ensuring lastingly stable performance
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT & SERVICE: From garage artists to backyard businesses to professional workshops, the OMTech community continues to grow thanks to our passionate dedication to making quality engraving available to all; order this galvopositioner kit today and enjoy fast US-based shipping, a strong 1 year warranty, and customer service and tech support always ready to help if you need it

Have you worn the motors right off your fiber laser's old galvanometer? Is it past time you upgraded your machine's standard galvo head to enjoy a tighter spot size, faster processing, and even greater accuracy?

OMTech is here to ensure you have the right accessories for a perfect engraving experience! This RC7110A laser scanning system is the perfect galvo replacement or upgrade for OMTech's 80W & 100W laser marking machines, with a 10 mm wide laser aperture and M85 thread lens housing. This compact galvanometer kit comes with the serial cable and new 15V power supply so it's ready for installation on any compatible 1064 nm laser engraver. Once installed, the high-performance rotary motors will convert the instructions from your control computer into precise movements of the X and Y mirrors to mark your text, designs, logos, serial numbers, bar codes, and more across flat surfaces in metal, stone, and hard plastic at speeds up to 157 ips. (The exact size of the working field will depend on the installed f-theta field lens, sold separately.) The helpful built-in red dot locator keeps setup and positioning fast and convenient, letting you measure twice and cut once faster than ever.

With its precise positioning, high resolution, and minimal drift for outstanding linearity, you can do no better. Order OMTech's galvo scanner head kit today, with our superior quality, user-friendly design, and good name ensuring you'll enjoy its use for years to come!



  • Marking Speed: 157 ips (4000 mm/s)
  • Positioning Speed: 157 ips (4000 mm/s)
  • Scanning Speed: 18060 rpm (301 cps)


  • Max. Linearity: 99.9%
  • Max. Repositioning Drift: 8 μrad
  • Max. Long-Term Drift (8 hr. Continuous Use): 0.5 mrad
  • Max. Gain Error: 5 mrad
  • Max. Scale Drift: 22 ppm/°F (40 ppm/°C)
  • Max. Zero Drift: 8 μrad/°F (15 μrad/°C)
  • Max. Tracking Error: 202 μsec.

Power Supply and Signal       

  • Input Voltage: ±15V DC
  • Average Current: 2A
  • Digital Signal Interface: XY2-100

Operating Temperature and Dimensions

  • Laser Wavelengths: 1064 nm
  • Operating Temperature: 32-113°F (0-45°C)
  • Storage Temperature: 14-140°F (-10 to 60°C)
  • Laser Input Aperture: 0.4 in. (10 mm)
  • Scan Angle: ±11°
  • Galvo Head Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.8 x 3.7 in. (118.5x96.5x94 mm)
  • Compatible Lens Size: M85
  • Net Weight: 2.4 lb. (1.1 kg)

Package List

  • 1 x RC7110A Galvo Head
  • 1 x DB25 Serial Cable
  • 1 x 15V Power Supply
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