laser engraver cutting machines review


Welcome to the world of laser engraving, where technology and creativity combine to produce stunning results! From unique gifts and custom signage to industrial marking and prototype creation, laser engraving has left its mark across various industries and hobbies. 

Whether you’re a curious beginner, a DIY enthusiast, or a business owner looking to expand your capabilities, laser engraving opens up countless possibilities. In this guide, we’ll demystify the technology, explore the difference between CO2 and fiber machines, and help you choose the perfect laser engraver to unleash your creativity.

In this laser engraving guide for beginners, we will:
-Teach you how laser engraving works
- Educate you on the best laser engraver for beginners
- Show you how to start laser engraving
- Explain how to start your laser engraving business

Chapter 1: Understanding Laser Engraving


Types of Laser Engravers 

Ideal for engraving and cutting organic materials due to their infrared wavelength, CO2 lasers create flawless, detailed engravings on wood, leather, acrylic, plastic, stone, and other mediums. A glass tube full of mostly CO2, which interacts with electricity to produce the laser. 

CO2 lasers, like our desktop Polar CO2 laser engraver, are engineered for accessibility, versatility, and portability—making it one of the best laser engravers in the game. Its tiny yet mighty structure lets you transport the machine easily, simplifying on-the-go jobs. From 40W to 150W options, we have everything you need in terms of CO2 laser power! 

Fiber lasers are adept at engraving metal or other robust materials in large production batches due to their high heat output. Whether you’re making custom silver jewelry or engraving tools made of iron and aluminum, fiber lasers are ideal for handling tough materials. To create these durable engravings, focused light travels through a fiber optic cable and melts and discolors the material’s surface. Fiber lasers can be used to create custom designs or even mark product parts for identification. 

The Mopa Compact 20W is a compact-engineered fiber machine that integrates the laser source and laser head into a single, portable unit. OMTech’s compact fiber laser engraver series combines raw fiber power with versatility, adding strength and diversity to your engraving setup. Laser engrave more materials your way with our 20-80W fiber laser machines! 

  • Diode Lasers 

If you’re just starting out, you might consider diode lasers, which utilize a light-emitting diode (LED) to mark materials. This bright and powerful light is focused to a very fine point through a lens, which can engrave and cut certain mediums like wood, leather, glass, stone, and plastics. 

Typical diodes have lower power ratings of 5-15 watts and come in open-air configurations, allowing for easy transportation at the cost of lowered safety. While this setup permits you to engrave on larger materials, having an open enclosure means more exposure to hazardous light and fumes. Diodes tend to come at more affordable prices than other models, making diode laser engravers popular for beginners. 

Materials compatible with laser engraving: 

  • Wood 
  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • Glass 
  • Leather
  • Stone 
  • Others 
  • Purpose and Applications

    Laser engraving encompasses industries from personalized crafting to industrial and manufacturing. Laser engravers have limitless potential; you can use them to cut rubber gaskets for machine parts, engrave serial numbers on machinery, create custom jewelry, and more!

  • Power and Speed 

    Laser engraving power and speed—measured by watts and millimeters or inches per second, respectively—affect the precision and quality of your laser engraving. Depending on the material, high-powered lasers tend to produce deeper engravings and quicker speeds, while low-powered lasers offer lighter etchings. High speeds typically equal less processing time and lighter engravings, while low speeds mean longer processing times and deeper engravings. 

  • Working Area

    The working area of a laser engraver is the machine bed, where the laser moves and creates the engravings. This determines the maximum size of the engraveable object. OMTech machines offer work areas anywhere from 4.3” x 4.3” to 40” x 63”. Many CO2 laser machines even offer pass-through slots to cut and engrave longer items and different workbeds to accommodate different materials. 

  • Machine Dimensions

    Laser engravers come in many sizes, from compact desktop models to more robust machines. The Polar 350 50W is a desktop CO2 laser engraver that is 38.2" x 22.3" x 9.2", making it ideal for hobbyists, beginners, or those with little space. Conversely, the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid 150W is 82.5” x 65.7” x 42.3”, one of our largest and most powerful CO2 laser models.

  • Accuracy and Precision

    Imagine a laser so precise it can engrave the width of a human hair—that’s the kind of accuracy you’ll find with OMTech laser engravers! While typical engravers have a positioning accuracy of around ±0.05 to ±0.2 mm, the OMTech Pro 3655 150W achieves astonishing precision at ±0.02 mm. Plus, with built-in autofocus on many of our machines, you can kick back and let your laser engraver adjust to the optimal focal distance. Bring your creative visions to life with the pinpoint accuracy of an OMTech machine! 

  • Additional Considerations

    When choosing a laser engraver, other considerations, such as machine reliability, technical support, and additional accessories, can factor into your choice. OMTech stands with its customers, offering ample support for all of your questions and needs. If anything goes wrong with your machine, we’re here to help! OMTech machines offer top-quality results due to their innovative designs, making them ultra-reliable. Customize your OMTech laser engraver with add-on accessories like rotaries, air filtration systems, and more.

Chapter 3: Best Laser Engravers for Different Needs

Desktop CO2 Beginner Laser Cutter

Our desktop laser cutters are generally considered the most affordable and best laser engraver for beginners who have no prior experience. The OMTech 40W desktop laser engraver is known for its ease of accessibility, versatility and portability. It laser engraves flawless details and cuts up to 1/8” thick plywood and acrylic. Designed to fit right on your desktop, these machines are a favorite creative tool of home hobbyists, artists, and small businesses.

Mid-Range Laser Engraver

The easiest laser engraver to use is anOMTech Mid-Range Laser Engraver. These beginner laser cutters range from 50W to 80W laser power, and they allow you to use LightBurn laser software, which has made learning how to laser engrave much easier for countless new users. With LightBurn, beginner laser engravers can easily learn to import design files, arrange them for laser engraving, and achieve incredible results.

High Power Laser Engraver

When you need next-level laser capacity, step up to our High-Power CO2 Laser Engravers. These laser machines can also run LightBurn, and they are known for potent laser beams with heavy-duty cutting ability and professional precision. Ranging from 100W to 150W, these laser machines can engrave deeper and can cut through 10 mm to 15 mm (2/5" to 3/5") thick plywood and acrylic. With such a vast array of creative opportunities, you will never feel limited on what you can do with.

Fiber Laser Markers

The answer to your metalwork needs is here! Our Fiber Laser Marking Machines make stunning designs on metals and hard plastics. Metalworking masters can depend on this machine, equipped with a Galvo Drive and variable lenses, to provide accurate and effective etchings on all of your metallic materials. Our Fiber Lasers Marking Machine is ready to engrave your dreams into reality. Get ready to laser engrave into a variety of metals with ease.

Polar 350 50W Desktop Laser Engraver

OMTech’s best compact CO2 laser engraver, the Polar 350, features 50W of laser power—perfect for hobbyists, home-based creators, and small businesses alike. This all-inclusive machine comes with a preinstalled water chiller, air assist function, a duct fan, and rotary axes—making it the ultimate CO2 laser engraver package. With a quick and easy setup, the Polar is the best CO2 laser cutter and engraver for beginners and craftspeople.

OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid

OMTech’s Pro Hybrid series is the best of the best, featuring up to 150W of ultra-focused and refined strength. With increased working areas of 36” x 55” and a maximum engraving speed of 1200 mm/s, the Pro 3655 Hybrid is the ultimate weapon in CO2 laser technology. Achieve excellence with superior results.

MF1624-60 60W CO2 Laser Engraver

This manual focus, 60W CO2 laser machine features a robust 16” x 24” workbed with a two-way pass-through to accommodate larger items. The ideal mid-power machine for laser cutting and engraving wood, leather, acrylic, and more, the MF1624-60 is the next step up in laser power and processing speed.

  • Price Ranges

    Depending on the model, laser engravers can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. However, OMTech supplies business owners, hobbyists, and laser beginners with high-quality and affordable technology, offering economic prices for new opportunities. Our laser engravers start at around $600 and increase depending on the model. We even sell pre-owned machines at a discounted price, offering our customers more savings!

  • Cost of Consumables and Accessories

    Laser engraving consumables might consist of things like engraveable materials or replacement parts like CO2 laser tubes and lenses. What material you’ll be engraving on will determine the cost of your consumables, as mediums like leather and wood are typically more expensive than ones like acrylic. Consumables like laser tubes tend to come with life expectancies anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 hours. Lenses can last up to several years if maintained properly, as they only need to be replaced if it is scratched or cracked.

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    The initial cost of a laser engraver can be anywhere from $300 to $13,000, depending on the model. CO2 laser machines are extremely convenient, requiring less maintenance and consumables than other machines.

    However, they still require maintenance, such as changing the chiller water, lubricating the X/Y-axes, adjusting the alignment, and replacing the laser tubes (which cost around $150-$500) every 2,000-5,000 operational hours. You should also account for the cost of materials and material waste, as mistakes and defects could consume 10-50% of your materials.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

    Typical laser engraver cleaning and maintenance consists of daily tasks like cleaning the work bed, emptying the debris tray, checking and cleaning mirror 3 and the focus lens, and checking the chiller water for debris. Weekly tasks include checking and cleaning mirrors 1 and 2 and cleaning the exhaust system, while tasks such as lubricating the guide rails, cleaning the water chiller and air assist can be done less frequently.

  • Warranty and Customer Service

    All OMTech machines are inspected for quality in the United States. New machines fall under warranty, which includes a 2-year warranty on machine parts and hardware, a 1-year warranty on laser tubes and power supplies (70W and up), and a 6-month warranty on laser tubes and power supplies (40W-60W).

Chapter 6: Are Laser Engravers Worth It?

If you’re shopping for a new laser engraver, you probably realize how hard it is to find an excellent quality laser machine at a good price. Not all laser engravers are worth the money, because most laser engraver companies add huge markups that make them unaffordable for crafters and small businesses. 

That’s where OMTech Laser is different.

OMTech works closely with manufacturers to ensure cost-efficiency, and they pass savings onto the consumer without the markups of other brands. Whether you’re looking for the best laser engraver for beginners, or you need a professional-size machine with serious laser power, OMTech will give you a quality machine at a fair price. So, laser engravers are definitely worth it — just make sure you invest in the right brand.

  • Software Compatibility

    OMTech laser engravers support software such as RDWorks, LightBurn, CorelDRAW, and Photoshop, allowing users to utilize popular and familiar programs to simplify engraving.

  • Connectivity

    Upload designs directly to the laser engraver through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB ports located on the machine. Experience seamless workflow regardless of the device!

  • Safety Features

    Every OMTech machine features an emergency stop button that cuts off power in an emergency. Other safety features include an air pressure sensor that triggers whenever the pressure falls below normal values and a magnetic, mechanical lock that cuts power when the laser engraver cover is open during operation.


Website Purchase

Once you’ve selected the best laser engraver for you, we’ll help ensure a smooth and secure checkout process. We offer a wide selection of payment options such as Visa, Paypal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and more. By purchasing from our website, you gain perks like free shipping, a free Virtual Technical Support session, and 100% US-based customer support. All standard orders are fulfilled within 72 hours, and will be shipped to you in 7 to 14 business days.


Use one of OMTech’s financing partners to buy a laser engraver and make monthly payments using your new business income. Many OMTech users claim that their laser machine “paid for itself” in only months! With affordable payments, fast approval decisions, and the best competitive rates, we’re ready to help you get your laser engraving journey started without putting a strain on your wallet. Check out why and how you can finance the best laser engraver for beginners with OMTech.

Delivery and Setup

OMTech offers free shipping on machines shipping across the continental US and beyond. From us to you, OMTech ensures a smooth delivery process with our shipping providers.

Questions about purchasing a laser engraver? Talk to our highly experienced sales team with any queries you may have about our laser machines!


Chapter 9: Why OMTech?

Whether you’re looking for the best laser engraver for beginners, or you need a professional-size machine with serious laser power, OMTech Laser will give you a quality machine at a fair price. We offer:

- Industry low prices, FREE shipping, & financing options
- 100% US-based customer service & technical support
Virtual Tech Support available (video call)
- 2-Year Warranty on our quality-assured laser machines
- Thriving online user community on Facebook
- Helpful how-to blogs on our Resource Hub
- OMTech YouTube channel with instructional videos


Resource Hub

At OMTech, we believe there’s always more to learn. Whether you’re a beginner laser cutter or an expert laser engraver, we offer resources to help you along your laser journey. Explore our collection of training videos, instructional blogs, and other useful content in our website’s Resource Hub. Also, check out ourDownload’s Centerfor the latest version of your laser machine’s manual, software, and more. Our goal is to help you learn how to laser engrave, so you can create CO2 laser masterpieces beyond your wildest dreams. Let us inspire you on your laser engraving journey.

Virtual Tech Support

Whether you’re a laser industry veteran or you just acquired your first beginner laser engraver, you probably have a few questions about your new laser machine. While our Facebook Group and resource hub are excellent places to start, sometimes you might need a little extra help. Schedule a session with an OMTech technician and get expert answers to all of your questions. We use Zoom for live video to help our Technical Support Team view your machine in real-time and solve your problem faster, wherever you may be. Let us help you get your laser engraving journey back on track!






  • Final Thoughts

    Choosing the right laser engraver is like selecting your partner for your creative journey—it’s all about finding the perfect fit for your unique needs. Consider the material you’ll be working with, the size of your projects, and the power required to bring your ideas to life—among other considerations. Remember, there’s always an OMTech laser engraver ready to help you unlock your full potential!

  • Explore the Possibilities of Laser Engraving!

    The world of laser engraving is waiting! From personalizing gifts and crafting intricate products to revolutionizing your business with bespoke pieces, your OMTech laser engraver is the key to unlocking a universe of innovation. Whether you’re etching elegant designs on wood, creating eye-catching signs, or even customizing electronic devices, the only limit is your imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser engravers can cost an average of $300-13,000, depending on the model and the company. Diodes are typically around a couple hundred dollars, while CO2 and fiber laser engravers tend to run up to a couple thousand.

Yes, it is worth it to buy a laser engraving machine! Despite initial costs, laser engraving allows you to customize and create your own products, helping you create your own business or supplement your crafts. With vast possibilities for laser engravable goods, a laser engraver and cutter opens the door to new adventures!

Yes, you will need a computer to use a laser engraver. Whether it’s running the laser engraver software, designing your engraving patterns, or sending instructions to the machine, you’ll need a working computer to coordinate with your laser engraver.

Laser engravers are better than CNC routers because they are more accurate, have faster speeds, are more efficient, and can work with a wider variety of soft materials. While CNC routers tend to offer deeper engravings on metal, a fiber marker engraver can also achieve long-lasting etchings on tougher mediums.

Laser cutter is used in various applications, including creating custom signs, jewelry, model making, engraving promotional items, cutting fabric patterns, and producing intricate designs on different materials.

You can experience OMTech laser engravers firsthand by visiting one of our Demo Room Hosts located across the United States. Our Demo Hosts are eager to show you how easy and exciting laser engraving can be. You can use the "engraving near me" or "Find a Demo Room Host" feature.