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Join Nickey Aubin, the founder of Busted Grapes, and learn about her journey starting a farm winery in 2015 with her husband. Witness the transformative impact of OMTech and how it turned their business into a unique and flourishing success! 

"In 2015, my husband and I took a bold leap, leaving our jobs to pursue our dream of establishing a farm winery, which we named Busted Grapes. It was a risky move, but we believed in our vision and were ready to take on the challenges. As a hands-on business, we were involved in every aspect, from planting our vineyard to constructing winery buildings and crafting award-winning wines. However, to keep our winery thriving, we realized a need for constant innovation. This is how we came upon the idea of giving guests a special gift with every visit, ensuring something new and unique for every occasion.

laser engraved wood box for wine

OMTech has been a game-changer for Busted Grapes. We've expanded our product range significantly with our laser engraver from just a few items to an extensive collection including wine boxes, cutting boards, cocktail smokers, and engraved wine glasses. The laser has not only expanded our offerings but also allowed us to craft unique stories through our products.

Our OMTech creations are more than just items; they're stories shared and memories made. Our customers have been impressed with the new additions to our shop, and the customizable options have added a personal touch to our goods. OMTech has played a crucial role in helping us grow our business and build our dream.

couple standing in front of laser engraved wooden products

When it came to expanding our product offerings, we needed a reliable and versatile solution. After thorough research, we chose the OMTech 60W CO2 laser. OMTech's reputation for quality and affordable machines, particularly beneficial for newcomers like us in the laser field, caught our attention. Additionally, the diverse range of engraving bed sizes and power options was a significant advantage.

The availability of larger bed sizes and higher power options made it evident that the OMTech laser could cater to our growing business needs---enabling us to handle more extensive projects and larger quantities efficiently. We saw it as a tool that could not only enhance our existing products, but also allow us to create customizable gifts to complement our wines. The decision to invest in OMTech has proven to be instrumental in our journey.

laser engraved wood products for sale

Just try it out or you'll regret never taking the chance. If you don't succeed, you can always do something else. Regret for not trying is heavier than any failure." Check out the Busted Grapes site to learn more! 

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