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I'm Keith Schlotthauer, the owner of Schlotdog Laser & Engraving. I've been working in the medical equipment industry during the day, but my true passion is laser engraving. My journey into laser engraving began about four years ago when I received a beautifully crafted wooden cruise itinerary. The intricate details on that piece fascinated me and sparked my interest in laser technology. That's when I decided to start Schlotdog Laser & Engraving, where I can combine my love for design with the capabilities of OMTech machines.

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In my workshop, I rely on the OMTech AF2435-80 CO2 laser, which has been a reliable companion. Despite my full-time job, I spend my weekends exploring my artistic side with this laser engraving machine, primarily using wood sourced from my local Home Depot.

Schlotdog Laser & Engraving means more to me than just a business; it's an extension of my hobbies. In addition to crafting physical products, I share my designs on Etsy, offering SVG files to reach a wider audience. I also participate in craft fairs, which allows me to connect with customers on a personal level while showcasing my physical creations.

 Laser engraving business, etsy business, etsy laser engraving, laser engraved jewelry

While my annual earnings from my laser engraving business amount to around $6,000, the personal satisfaction I get from bringing my creative visions to life is truly priceless. Looking back, I wish I had known how to market myself more effectively from the beginning. The entrepreneurial journey has its ups and downs, but having a solid plan and vision is essential.

To those who may be hesitant about starting their own business, my advice is simple: don't hesitate, just take the plunge.

The OMTech engraving machine has been a game-changer for me, opening up a world of possibilities. Whether you're an experienced designer or someone with a newfound curiosity, these machines can truly help turn your dreams into tangible creations.

 Laser engraving business, etsy business, etsy laser engraving, laser engraved jewelry

My journey started with a simple gift—a laser-engraved wooden masterpiece exchanged among friends. That moment ignited a passion within me, and I now extend an invitation to others to explore the endless possibilities that OMTech engraving machines offer. So go ahead, take the leap, let your creativity soar, and experience the transformative power of OMTech in your own entrepreneurial journey.

Check out Keith's Etsy store today, Schlotdog Laser & Engraving! If you are an OMTech user and would like your engraving business to be featured on our website or if you want to tell us more about your OMTech journey, submit your story here now

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