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Meet Professor Keith Klein, a distinguished Professor of Medicine with 45 years of experience at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and UCLA. Beyond the world of medicine, Dr. Klein is a passionate woodworking enthusiast, and his journey into the world of laser engraving is a testament to his creativity and determination:

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My journey into the world of engraving began with humble tools and machines, but I soon realized their limitations. That's when I found OMTech, and it truly changed the game for me.

I decided to invest in OMTech, starting with the 100W CO2 machine and adding two of the 10W diode laser models. The device setup was relatively smooth, even for a 77-year-old with arthritic fingers like me. 

What truly sets OMTech apart is not just the machines themselves but the endless creative possibilities they unlock. With these machines, I've embarked on a journey of crafting projects, from playhouses for my grandchildren to custom-designed blanket supports and cup holders.

laser engraving, wood engravings, laser engraving business, wood engraver


Recently, I created a challenging teak marine binocular holder for a client, it shows the precision and versatility achievable with an OMTech machine. The quality of my creations not only meets my personal standards but also brings joy to others. Whether it's crafting elegant table settings for a 200-guest wedding or designing religious-themed napkin rings for the CEO of an international charity event, the joy I derive from engraving for nonprofits like churches and synagogues is truly immeasurable.

I wish I had known about OMTech from the very beginning. For those who are hesitant to start their own business, remember that a tortoise never makes progress as long as it stays in its shell. 

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