OMTech Laser Business Stories: Jeremy Klein

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I'm Jeremy Klein, the founder of Hub City Woodworks. What started as a side hustle in 2020 quickly grew thanks to my passion for woodworking, dedication, and the right tools.

man sitting next to omtech laser engraving machine

How Did You Start the Business?

I began Hub City Woodworks in 2020, crafting flags with a CNC machine for friends and family. Sharing my work on Facebook and Instagram led to increased demand, but the CNC machine's limitations became apparent, especially with intricate designs and smaller items.

How Has OMTech Impacted Your Business?

In June 2023, I purchased my first OMTech laser, a 50W model, after months of research. The impact was immediate: cut times diminished, lines became cleaner, and new revenue streams; like acrylic cutting; opened up. By Christmas, the machine had already paid for itself.

man standing next to laser engraver crate

In January 2024, I reinvested in my business by buying an OMTech AF2440-100 laser, which allowed me to cut even quicker, work with thicker materials, and create larger signs. With growing orders, I expect this new laser to pay for itself by Christmas again!

Why Did You Choose OMTech?

I chose OMTech after thorough research and comparisons with other competitors on the market. The 50W model transformed my business, providing cleaner cuts and faster processing times. The success of this machine led me to purchase a more powerful model, the AF2440-100, to meet the increasing demands of my growing business.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Hesitant to or Just About to Start Their Own Business?

My advice is simple but invaluable: "Find the laser that has the cutting size and power you want, then buy the next larger size. Start small and invest heavily during the holidays. As your confidence grows, so will your business."

laser engraved wooden signs
Today, I earn around $12,000 yearly with my OMTech laser machines, demonstrating the significant role these tools have played in my success. My journey from a weekend woodworker to a successful business owner is an inspiring story of passion, perseverance, and the right technology.

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  • Thomas Horton

    We too started out with diodes. Our small business is growing and we just bout a 50w C02. Soon we will be buying a larger machine and maybe a mopa. Demand is getting better so time is as important as quality. Reading your story gives us hope that we are heading in the right direction. Thanks!

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