Meet Brian Lebanik - The Visionary Entrepreneur of Black Dragon Designs

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Meet Brian Lebanik, the visionary entrepreneur behind Black Dragon Designs – a flourishing business that started as a way to keep busy during the pandemic.

“It all started when the lockdown hit, and we found ourselves stuck at home. To stay busy, we began making custom cutting boards. Soon, we wanted to add our business name to our creations, and that led us to laser engraving. OMTech caught our eye as they offered a great value for the price. We kicked off with the MP6969-60 60W MOPA Fiber Laser; the K40+ 40W CO2 Laser; and the AF2435 80W CO2 Laser – solid choices that all delivered.

man posing next to laser engraving machine

Our initial plan was simple – engrave our business name on the products. Little did we know that this would evolve into a full-fledged business. As demand grew, we expanded our arsenal of OMTech lasers, allowing us to create a diverse range of products. The reliability and performance of these machines have been crucial in the growth of Black Dragon Designs.

Looking back, I wish I knew more about the business side of things when I started – like where to source materials and how to find effective selling strategies. It's challenging when you don't know what you don't know. But, OMTech has been a constant support, and their machines have truly come through for us.

man standing next to fiber laser marking machine

Now, we're earning between 15-20K annually, participating in shows and selling in a local store with multiple vendors. Our plan is to transition Black Dragon Designs into a full-time venture and open a retail store in the near future. As an Audio Visual engineer by day, I design systems for large-scale projects, but the allure of laser engraving is pushing me towards a new chapter in my life.

Starting out, I wish I had a clearer plan on what to make and where to sell it. So, my advice to those hesitating is to have a solid game plan. Check out local markets, craft shows, and find your unique niche. Find out what it is that people want. Originality is key – don't just follow trends, set them.

We encountered challenges, especially with people copying our designs. But, protecting our ideas and constantly developing new ones helped us stay ahead. OMTech's lasers allowed us to focus on innovation rather than troubleshooting machine issues and low-quality engravings.

display of laser engraved wooden products for sale

The success we've achieved is rooted in originality and fair pricing. We avoid overpricing and offer customizations without hefty charges. OMTech's lasers have been the backbone of our success, providing the precision and reliability needed to turn our ideas into reality.

So, if you're considering laser engraving, take the leap. Be original, have a solid plan, and trust in tools like OMTech lasers. They've been a game-changer for Black Dragon Designs, and I'm excited to see where this journey takes us next.”

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