Piburn Rotary: The Best Rotary Tool for CO₂ Laser Machines?

For those who already own a laser engraver, you might be wondering how to maximize your machine’s potential. As you probably know, CO₂ laser machines fire a concentrated beam straight down—meaning they are limited to engraving or cutting two-dimensional material.  Enter the laser rotary, a worthwhile device that allows you to engrave cylindrical objects! 

A rotary attachment secures and turns the object, ensuring engraving on all sides. The easiest items to engrave via laser-machine rotary attachment are objects that are symmetrical from top to bottom—such as a water bottle, table leg, or rolling pin. 

Piburn rotary attachment

However, the best rotary tool is one that will allow you to engrave even irregular, cylindrical objects like tumblers, chair legs, and more. The Piburn rotary attachment is one such accessory, with a versatile, roller-style configuration that permits the etching of a variety of items. But is it the best rotary attachment on the market? 

In this article, we will discuss and compare various rotary tools for CO₂ laser engravers. Understanding the differences between the different rotary attachments will allow you to choose the best accessory for your machine, enhancing your ability to create! 

The Different Rotary Attachments for CO₂ Laser Machines

4-Wheel Rotary Axis 

The 4-Wheel Rotary Axis is a standard rotary tool, offering 360-degree engraving on cylindrical items. This rotary is compatible with laser engravers 50W and above, working with most of our CO₂ laser machines. 

4-wheel rotary axis attachment

The 4-Wheel Rotary accommodates objects 2-14 inches long and 0.4-5 inches in diameter. This rotary attachment for laser-engraver machines does have some limitations, including the size and shape of the item. 

Rotary Axis with Jaw Chuck 

The Rotary Axis with Jaw Chuck is another rotary tool for laser engravers 50W and above. The main selling point that sets it apart from the 4-Wheel Rotary is the fact that it can accommodate irregularly shaped objects, like cups with handles. The Rotary Axis with Jaw Chuck’s configuration allows you to engrave round or obscure items 0.8-8.6 inches long and 0.2-3.1 inches in diameter. 

rotary axis with jaw chuck

Piburn Laser Rotary Attachment 4.0

Noted as the best roller-style rotary tool for CO₂ laser machines, the Piburn Rotary Attachment offers 360-degree coverage when engraving. Its adjustable rollers allow users to fit objects of all shapes and sizes. It can even accommodate objects of irregular design, making it great for bottle engraving or mug engraving.

Incredibly, there is no maximum diameter that the Piburn rotary tool can work with—it just depends on the laser size! The Piburn attachment allows you to work with various objects, from wine glasses to Stanley cups to scuba tanks and more.

4-Wheel Rotary vs. Rotary with Jaw Chuck vs. Piburn Rotary

Now that we’ve discussed the key features of each rotary attachment, what’s the difference? 

Pros and Cons of 4-Wheel Rotary Axis 


  • Affordable cost at $259.99 
  • Smallest size at 20” x 6” 
  • Works with objects 2-14 inches long and 0.4-5 inches in diameter 
  • Adjustable back wheels accommodate objects of different lengths and widths
  • 1-year warranty on rotary accessories



    • Only works with cylindrical objects 
    • Slightly more expensive than the Rotary with Jaw Chuck 
    • Objects rest on rotary wheels, offering less grip/control 


      Pros and Cons of Rotary Axis with Jaw Chuck


      • Most economical price ($249.99) 
      • 3-jaw chuck provides an adjustable and secure grip 
      • Movable back wheels adjust for objects of different lengths
      • Can work with irregularly shaped objects 
      • 1-year warranty on rotary accessories 



      • Only works with smaller objects 0.8-8.6 inches long and 0.2-3.1 inches in diameter
      • Bulkier than 4-Wheel at 23” x 6” x 7” 


      Pros and Cons of Piburn Rotary 


      • Works with objects of all shapes and sizes 
      • Adjustable rollers that move horizontally and vertically to accommodate different objects
      • Secure clamp system keeps items safe and suspended
      • Optional magnetic feet provide a firm foundation while engraving
      • 1-year warranty on parts 



      • Most expensive at $898.99
      • Largest rotary accessory at 24” x 10” x 10” 

      Why Is Piburn the Best Rotary for Laser Engravers? 

      The Piburn rotary tool is the best rotary tool for CO₂ laser engravers due to its versatility and efficiency. The adjustable rollers featured on the Piburn allow for the ultimate accommodate, meaning there is practically no limit to the diameter and shape of the object you want to engrave. 

      While it does come at a substantial price point, the advantages the Piburn rotary offers will pay off in the long run. Use this rotary for large objects, like scuba tanks, or more intricate ones, like wooden pens. As long as the object is compatible with your system, the possibilities of what you can engrave with a Piburn rotary and an OMTech laser machine are almost endless! 

      Finding the Right Rotary for You 

      At the end of the day, however, you might not think the Piburn is the best rotary attachment for you. Depending on your preferences, the 4-Wheel Rotary or the Rotary Axis with Jaw Chuck might suit your needs better. 

      If you are looking for the most economical choice, the Rotary Axis with Jaw Chuck might be the best bet for you. Likewise, if you want to engrave larger, cylindrical objects, the 4-Wheel Rotary will fit your expectations. Overall, the best rotary tool will be the one that matches your preferences! 


      If you are looking for the most versatile and efficient rotary attachment for your laser machine, the Piburn rotary stands out as the best choice. However, the 4-Wheel Rotary and Rotary Axis with Jaw Chuck both offer their own advantages that can benefit users looking for unique considerations. 

      Piburn rotary attachment

      At OMTech, we believe that the right tools will assist you on your journey to laser creation. It takes a precise and efficient laser machine paired with a reliable rotary attachment to craft the best quality goods. We encourage you to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces with our tools—all it takes is your imagination and innovation! Visit the OMTech website to discover the perfect laser machine and rotary attachments to go with it!