55 Laser Engraving Ideas for Your Next Laser Engraving Project

A laser engraving machine isn’t just a one-trick pony; while you might’ve bought your laser engraver for a singular specific purpose, it’s crucial to explore the realm of laser engraving before settling down. With so many working materials to choose from, it’s a wonder laser engraving hobbyists suffer from an overdose of laser engraving ideas

In this article, we’ll be giving you 50+ ideas for laser engraving projects free, courtesy of Kelly Bazzle from Living Bright with Bazzle. Check out her original blog on 50+ laser engraver project ideas and inspiration for a thorough coverage of how to come up with new laser engraving ideas to sell or give away to friends and family. 

Whether you’re looking for wood laser engraving ideas or metal laser engraving ideas, get inspiration here or at the OMTech Customer Gallery, where proud OMTech machine owners can show off their latest creations. Without further ado, let’s get into our 50+ laser-engraved gift ideas for hobbyists or small business owners! 

55 Laser Engraving Project Ideas

Kitchen Goods 

1. Personalized Cookbook/Recipe Holders 
2. Custom Cutting Boards 
3. Custom-Made Charcuterie Boards 
custom laser engraved wooden cutting board

Maker’s credit to @kellybazzle

4. Personalized Coasters

Living Room/Hallway Decor

5. Engraved Photo Frames 
6. Family Name Wall Decor
custom made laser engraved wooden family name sign
Maker’s credit to @wavesofgrainwoodworks.
7. Personal Signs for Bookshelves 
8. Wifi Connection Sign with Password 
9. Engraved TV Remote Tray 
10. Custom Magazine or Book Caddy 
11. Positive Affirmation Signs 

Bedroom/Bathroom Decor

12. Personalized Wedding Song Signs 
13. “Wash Your Hands” or Other Bathroom Signs
custom made bathroom sign

Maker’s credit to @carried_away_woodworks.

14. Engraved Glass Containers for Bathroom Accessories
15. Custom Toilet Paper Holder 

Man Cave Accessories

16. Custom Wooden Sports Sign

custom laser engraved wooden sign

Maker’s credit to @kellybazzle

17. Personalized Bottle Opener 
18. Bespoke Dart Board Score Keeper 

Garage Decor

19. Custom Tool Holders 
20. Personalized Car Signs and Accessories 
21. Car Key Holder 

Office Accessories

22. Custom Award Plaques 
23. Laser Engraved Certification Plaques 
24. Personalized Graduation Frame/Diploma Holder 
25. Custom Memorial Plaque
custom laser etched wooden memorial sign

Maker’s credit to @kellybazzle

Front Door Products 

26. Custom Wreaths 
27. Personalized Signs with Quotes
28. Custom-Made Welcome Sign 
29. Laser Engraved “No Soliciting” Sign
30. Custom Address Number Sign

Special Events

31. Laser Engraved Paper Cards for All Occasions 
32. Custom-Made Party Favors 
33. Custom Place Settings and Name Cards 
34. Laser Etched Seating Charts 
35. Personalized Guestbooks 
36. Welcome Signs for Parties
custom made laser marked wooden sign for special events

Maker’s credit to @kellybazzle

Tech & Gadgets 

37. Laser Engraved External Hard Drives 
38. Personalized Laptop Shells 
39. Custom Phone Cases
40. Custom-Made Desk Accessories 
41. Laser Engraved Watch Bands 

Fashion Accessories 

42. Custom-Made Earrings (from acrylic, wood, and more)
43. Pendants for Necklaces (from acrylic, wood, and more)
44. Laser Engraved Belt Buckles 
45. Custom-Engraved Belts 
46. Custom-Made Leather Patches 
47. Engraved Glasses Holder 

Seasonal and Holiday Decor 

48. Custom Christmas Ornaments 
49. Personalized Candle Holders 
50. Easter Bunny Footprint Stencils 
51. Custom Fall Signs

custom made laser etched seasonal wooden sign

Maker’s credit to @carried_away_woodworks.

Nature and Outdoors 

52. Custom Plant Markers 
custom laser engraved plant markers

Maker’s credit to @gooddogwoodshop.

53. Laser Engraved Memorial Stones 
54. Custom Garden Signs 
55. “Beware of Dog” Sign 

Craft and Inspire with OMTech!

Now that you’ve browsed our list of laser engraver project ideas, it’s time to get started on your next project. With so many laser engraving business ideas, you can create wonderful masterpieces with wood, acrylic, paper, plastic, and many more types of materials. Access the limitless possibilities of laser engraving with OMTech today! 

Contact us now to find out which laser engraving machines are right for you. Contact our team today if you need help figuring out what machine best suits your needs. After all, we’re here to encourage you and help you in your laser engraving journey. Pursue your passion with OMTech laser engravers

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