Laser Engravers for Guns: What Is Gun Engraving?

Gun laser engraving, while typically used for tracking and identifying firearms, can also be used to personalize and decorate your weapons. Whether it’s adding an elaborate image or meaningful quote to your gun barrel, you can provide durable customization with a laser engraver for guns

engraving on guns

Laser gun-engraving involves using a precise beam of light to engrave patterns onto surfaces like metal, wood, or plastic. This accurate laser beam can etch intricate patterns or detailed lettering onto your weapons. Laser-engraved guns also offer more consistent engraving than hand-engraved guns due to the absence of human error.  

What Laser Engraver Do I Need to Engrave Guns?  

Depending on the type of material utilized, you’ll need to use either a fiber laser cutter or a CO₂ laser engraver for guns. CO₂ laser engravers create the best markings on wood, while a fiber laser marker offers the best engravings for metal and polymers. 

Gun Laser Engraving Wood: The Role of CO₂ Laser Engravers for Guns

CO₂ laser machines offer the best engravings for wood due to consistent wavelengths and even beam absorption. You should not use a fiber laser for engraving wood—a fiber laser creates poor, charred etchings on wood due to the short wavelength. CO₂ engravers, however, work well with organic and non-metal materials, making them the ideal choice for laser engraving guns made of wood.

laser engraving machine for gunsAF2028-80 80W CO₂ Laser Engraver 

Laser Engraving Metal and Plastic: When to Opt for Fiber Laser Marker

If your gun is made of metal or tough plastic, your best bet for engraving is a fiber laser marker. Fiber laser markers engrave denser materials like metal and polymers much quicker and deeper than CO₂ machines. This is due to the intense laser beam generated by stimulated radiation, resulting in incredibly durable and precise fiber laser gun engraving

Fiber Laser Marking MachineFM7979-50S

How Much Does Laser Engraving a Gun Cost? 

Laser engraving handguns can cost anywhere from $8 to $300, depending on the design and area you want engraved. Engraving something as small as a magazine might run you around $8-$15 while engraving the barrel might cost you well over a hundred. 

If you’re wondering, “What’s the best laser gun engraving near me?” make sure to weigh all your options before committing. Getting fair prices for fine craftsmanship will make laser engraving your gun even sweeter. 

Gun Engraving Designs

From tribal designs to intricate murals to favorite quotes, the possibilities for gun laser-engraving patterns are virtually limitless! Imagine a revolver with the words, “Memento mori” carved into the handle or a Glock with Red Hood pictured on the side. 

Just like the cowboys of the Wild West had fancy revolvers to accompany them, you too deserve a beautiful, bespoke firearm. The personality and customization offered by laser machines are truly priceless! 

laser engraved gun

Tips for Laser Engraving Guns 

First, you should ensure your gun is not loaded before performing any laser engraving. Practice proper gun safety when managing your firearm. You must also determine the materials your gun is made out of so you know whether to use a CO₂ laser engraver or a fiber marker. 

Next, determine the design you will be engraving onto your gun. You should also deliberate where you want the image or quote to be. Then consider the location of the design. Do you want to engrave the sides of the barrel, the magazine, the grip, or all of the above? 

man unloading gun practicing gun safety

Finally, upload the image or create the design on Lightburn—OMTech’s designated laser-machine software. Lightburn connects to your laser machine to turn your designs into near-perfect renderings on your chosen material. Use Lightburn to send the instructions to your laser engraver and watch your OMTech laser machine work!  

Pull the Trigger with OMTech

Personalizing your handguns isn’t just about showcasing your unique style—it’s also about exploring the possibilities of laser technology. With an OMTech fiber marker or CO₂ laser engraver for gun owners, you can create amazing pieces of art and even make a business out of it! 

With a fiber marker, you have the power and precision to engrave durable materials like granite and marble, along with hard plastics and various metals. Our MOPA fiber laser markers can even engrave in color, adding a bit of flair to your engravings! 

On the other hand, our CO₂ laser engravers and cutters offer versatility in the range of objects they can cut and engrave. An OMTech CO₂ laser machine can engrave and cut acrylic, wood, leather, glass, and more! If you’re looking for a compact model for your small business, we offer the sleek OMTech Polar 350 Desktop Laser Engraver

polar 350 desktop laser engraver

Find the best laser engraving machines at OMTech! Whether you’re a professional engraver or an inspired hobbyist, we understand your desire for precise and affordable laser technology. Luckily, we’ve combined the best of both worlds—offering our customers top-of-the-line machines at economical prices. Pull the trigger with OMTech and start your engraving journey today!