Introducing the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid

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In our relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to providing professionals and hobbyists alike with state-of-the-art tools, OMTech is incredibly excited to announce the arrival of something truly transformative - our first hybrid machine, the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid! Offering dual function and singular brilliance, this laser engraving and cutting machine unfurls a new era in laser technology.

The marvel lies in its versatility and potency - a 150W laser tube and premium quality beam. This dream machine delivers precision cutting on a variety of both metal and non-metal materials. Perfectly engineered for those with a visionary drive, this robust machine welcomes you with a spacious 36x55 in. work area, accompanied by four-way pass-through doors.

Sweeping Dimensions, Unrivaled Precision
The hybrid towers at a forceful figure of 82.5x 65.7 x 42.3 in., accommodating a generous engraving area, measuring 55x 36 in. Loaded with a powerful 150W laser tube, the machine operates at a staggering max processing speed of 47.2 ips, with a max engraving depth that measures a mere 0.0004 in, demonstrating our commitment to precision and detail!

Beyond Engraving - Matter Transforms Art!
The OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid appreciates that your creative prowess may extend beyond the traditional materials of metal and non-metal. Equipped to accommodate a wide variety of materials, this hybrid laser engraving and cutting machine becomes a depot for your creativity.

Whether you're looking to engrave intricate details into acrylic, wood, leather, rubber, paper, plastics, fabric, MDF, or cardboard, this machine excels precisely in each task. Dial the artistry up a notch with an impervious Corian, or better still - transform foam, fiberglass, cork, and even brick into your canvas!

The OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid is more than equipped to bring your visions to life. Looking to leave a mark on granite or tile? Need to engrave a detailed design into bone, aluminum, steel, brass, or copper? This machine has you covered. With the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid, endless possibilities finally meet your boundless creativity.

Precision Cutting Austere Steel or Delicate Paper
However, the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid's repertoire extends beyond mere engraving. It enjoys making precision cuts as much as it enjoys engraving! Thick sheets of acrylic? Dense blocks of wood, leather, or rubber? Sheets of paper or plastic, or surfaces of fabric, MDF, or cardboard? Carve it effortlessly with our hybrid machine! Leave your unforgettable mark on Corian or foam, fiberglass, and yes, even the daunting steel!

Unmatchable Tech Support and Customer Service
In the spirit of standing by our customers every step of the way, we are pleased to offer US-based tech support and customer service. We are determined to ensure that the quality of our products seamlessly complements the convenience for our customers.

We understand that the advent of this hybrid machine could be met with questions, concerns, or perhaps even a bit of confusion. But, worry not! To enable you to harness the full potential of the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid, our friendly and helpful customer service team is ever ready to assist and guide you.

Warranty and Assurance
One of the most significant strengths of OMTech lies not just in our products but our staunch belief and confidence in them. We attach a two-year warranty (one-year for the laser tube) with the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid, a testament to our firm belief in the long-standing quality and performance of our machine.

The Bottom Line
Progressive and powerful, the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid is the embodiment of our commitment to pushing boundaries in laser innovation. A testament to superior engineering, premier quality materials, and our reverence for your creativity, this machine is designed not just to match your engraving and cutting expectations but to surpass them!

By combining power, precision, versatility, and a rich roster of functionalities, the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid is much more than just a laser engraving cutting machine. It's the embodiment of our belief that with the right tools, our active community of creators, innovators, and transforming industries can turn ideas into reality. So let's contain our excitement no more and embark on this thrilling journey of innovation and creation with the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid. Truly, a journey where limits are milestones just waiting to be crossed!