How To Choose the Best Laser Engraver for a Small Business

If you're looking to invest in the best laser engraver for a small business, you must make sure you pick the right one. The most suitable laser engraver for a small business can make all the difference between success and failure. With that in mind, here's a guide to help you navigate the process of selecting the best small business laser engraver.

Jewelry laser engraving business

Best Laser Engraver for a Small Business

Deciding whether to turn your laser engraving hobby into a business or you need to invest in a good laser engraver and cutter for a small business can be difficult. But following this guide should help make the process easier. At OMTech, we provide high-quality, reliable laser systems for various industrial and commercial applications. Here are a few machine recommendations.



50W Polar CO2 laser machine by OMTech

This CO2 desktop sized laser engraving machine can easily fit on your office desk. It is also very easy to learn as a hobbyist as it has a single-button user-friendly interface. The sleek looking Polar device has many additional features that will help kickstart a laser business. The machine comes included with 2 rotary attachments, which is ideal for engraving round or irregularly shaped items, allowing businesses to expand on their product portfolio. The device also comes with a built in ventilation and cooling system, 60W inline duct fan and a very useful panoramic camera feature. 

OMTech Autofocus 80W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine with 20 x 28” Work Area 

OMTech 80W Co2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine with Autofocus

The 80W autofocus laser machine is one of the most popular from OMTech’s mid-range laser engraver models. If you’re looking to mass produce products or are searching for a highly reliable machine to run your laser business, this 80W CO2 laser is perfect for you. Its autofocus function allows you to laser etch seamlessly without worrying about materials height or manual adjustments. Some notable features include a 4-way pass through door that allows you to laser engrave larger sized items, dual workbeds that allows you to laser etch on wide varieties of materials, Ruida digital display controller which allows you to adjust Lightburn settings without a computer and much more. 

What Should You Look For in a Professional Engraver?

When deciding on the appropriate laser engraver, whether a mini laser engraver for small business or a much larger one for an industrial company, you should consider several factors, including; 

Types of Laser Heads

There are several types of laser heads, each designed for specific applications. Some common laser types include:

  1. CO2 lasers: CO2 lasers are a type of gas laser that uses a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sometimes helium as the active medium. They are commonly used for thicker material, laser cuttings, engraving, and marking on other laser cutter materials such as wood, acrylic, and fabric. 

CO2 lasers also have a built-in laser tube, allowing advanced design and sometimes 3D tube processing, but with these tubes come maintenance. These tubes need to be cooled with a water pump to enhance the longevity of the laser machine.  

Lastly, these lasers are also known for their high power, low price and versatility and are widely used in industries such as woodworking, advertising, and packaging.

  1. Fiber laser machines: These solid-state laser types use doped optical fiber as the active medium. They are known for their high efficiency, stability, and compactness.

Fiber lasers also have a very high beam quality and are very good at cutting and welding metals, particularly thin sheet metal and tubes. They can also cut and mark many other materials, including plastics, ceramics, and glass.

  1. Diode laser: This type of laser head uses a semiconductor material similar to those found in computer chips to produce a light beam that later produces the laser beam. 

Diode lasers' main advantages are their small size and low power consumption, making them easy to integrate into various devices and systems. They can be used to cut, engrave, or mark a variety of materials, including coated metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, glass, and more! 

  1. Laser printer: A laser printer is a bit different. It's a technology that uses a laser beam to print onto paper. It creates an electrostatic image of the document on a drum, which is then rolled through toner, which adheres to the charged areas of the drum. 

Laser printers are known for speed, high-quality text and graphics printing, and the ability to handle large-volume printing. They are typically used in office and business settings and are often used to print professional-looking documents like reports, letters, and invoices. 

They can print on various paper types and sizes, including cardstock, labels, and transparencies. They are also known for their low cost per page and long-lasting toner cartridges.


Accuracy is essential to consider when purchasing a laser engraver because it determines the precision of the engraving or cutting that the machine is capable of. 

A more accurate laser engraver will produce higher-quality engravings with sharper lines and more detailed images. This is especially important for creating fine art, engraving small text or intricate logos, or cutting precise shapes in materials like wood or acrylic. 

Additionally, a more accurate laser engraver can work with a broader range of materials, as it would make more precise cuts and engravings on harder or thicker materials. However, accuracy often comes at a cost. Try and balance the need for accuracy with the budget for the machine.

Laser Power

A higher-power laser can cut through thicker materials and engrave deeper, but it will also require more energy and may have a higher cost. Some laser engravers come with different laser settings and power.

When it comes to diode lasers, the power needed will vary depending on the task and the material. For engraving, you'll get the best results with a capacity between 25-80 watts, whereas a power of over 80 watts for cutting or high-speed tasks is recommended. 

Also necessary is the type of material. For example, non-metal materials like paper need less power than engraving wood. Acrylic can be engraved with low power for a uniform and shallow result, while higher power is required for faster engraving on plastic laminates. 

The software can easily adjust the power, but the maximum power depends on the hardware. In general, a machine with higher power offers more flexibility in terms of working on various materials.

Type of Material You're Engraving

You need to consider what type of material you will be working with. A wide range of materials requires different types of lasers. So, choosing a laser engraver specific to the materials you will be working with is important. Some engravers are better suited for specific materials, such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic.

For example, if you want to work with wood, glass, paper, or leather, you'll need a CO2 laser. A fiber laser is better suited for marking metals or plastics. 

Price Range

Consider the cost of the engraver. Laser engravers can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. So, it's essential to determine your budget before making a purchase.

The best laser engraver for small business, such as higher-end engravers, will likely have more advanced features and better performance but will also come at a higher cost. Additionally, you should consider the cost of any additional accessories or supplies you may need for the engraver.

The Area It Covers

Lastly, consider the size of the engraving area that the machine can accommodate. If you need to create large engravings, you will need a larger machine requiring a larger area. It is essential to do market research before deciding on the proper laser engraver size for small businesses.

Select From a Wide Range of Laser Engraving Machines

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