Laser Engraving Phone Cases - Custom Designs for Your Business

The saying goes: “Never judge a book by its cover,” but what about judging a person by their phone case? Phone cases allow us to personalize our phones, setting us apart from the rest of the pack. Dog lovers might choose to show off their pups with a custom dog phone case, while minimalists might settle for a sleek leather case.

Overall, it depends on your style. But with so many options for phone cases out there, it might be hard to sort through all the fluff and find a fitting choice. Enter OMTech laser machines, which allow you to create custom designs and etch them directly onto phone cases!

Engraving custom phone cases

Whether you are looking to laser engrave phone cases for personal use or business means, OMTech laser engravers are the perfect tool for starting your career in laser engraving. Phone case engraving helps you customize your phone, while OMTech products allow you to create custom designs and etch them onto different materials.

With your creativity and our laser technology, set yourself apart from the competition. Keep on reading to learn more about how to craft a laser-engraved phone case!

Choose Your Phone Case Material

Depending on what OMTech laser engraver you have, the types of materials you can work with may vary. Many of our CO2 laser engravers, like the MF1220 50W Laser Engraver or the OMTech Polar, can etch acrylic, rubber, cork, wood, leather, and thin metals like aluminum. The Polar Desktop Laser Engraver is an especially user-friendly device with its all-inclusive package that is compact and intuitive for beginners.

Omtech Polar 350 laser engraver
OMTech 350 Polar Desktop Laser Engraver

Acrylic cases are durable and transparent, offering a clean, polished finish highlighting your custom design. Wood, on the other hand, is a natural and rustic canvas for your engraving—offering a classic and handcrafted appearance.

Others might opt for leather cases, which showcase a professional mindset. Personal engravings etched onto a leather phone case are ideal for detail-oriented people who love even the smallest accessories. Make sure to choose a material for your custom phone cases that one, is compatible with your laser machine, and two, matches your preference.

Create Your Design

Now that you’ve chosen your material, it’s time to come up with your design. OMTech laser engravers use Lightburn software. If you are unfamiliar with this software, check out our article on how to use Lightburn.

With Lightburn, you can design your own images or import them. Figure out what you want to etch onto your phone case—whether it’s your favorite artwork, a meaningful quote, or even an abstract pattern.

Custom wood engrave phone case

When choosing a design for your custom phone case, keep in mind the engraving area available on the phone case. You don’t want your image too large for it to be captured or too small to be seen. Also, ensure that your design is clear in size and resolution if you are importing it.

If this is your first time using a laser machine for engraving phone cases, learn how to etch from start to finish with this OMTech guide!

Set Up Your Laser Engraver

Preparation is the key to perfect laser engraving. When setting up your OMTech laser machine, keep in mind to:

  • Make sure the machine is in proper working condition.
  • Download and learn to use Lightburn software.
  • Ensure the focal length is correct and adjust the bed accordingly.
  • Configure the engraving settings in the laser software.
  • Make sure the speed and power can accommodate your chosen material and design.
  • Download OMTech’s free material test card.
  • Consider doing a test run on a small sample of your material to ensure optimal results.


    Laser engraving on a laser machine

    Once you have confirmed that your laser machine is ready, start engraving! Soon, you’ll have custom phone cases that will make the perfect gift for friends and family or the ideal product for your business.

    Start Your Laser Engraving Journey Today!

    No matter the canvas, laser etching allows you to customize a wide variety of everyday objects! Your small business might start off selling engraved custom name phone cases but might evolve into something else once sales start taking off.

    With an OMTech laser machine, the sky’s the limit for the kinds of products you can create. Explore the OMTech blog for project ideas and essential guides, and browse our versatile range of laser engravers today!

    At OMTech, we’re not just selling lasers—we’re helping you achieve your goals and foster your creativity with the power of laser technology. Kickstart your laser engraving career now with high-quality, ultra-precise OMTech laser machines!