Do You Need an Air Filtration System for Laser-Cutter Technology?

As a seasoned laser-machine user, you might be used to the smoke and odors that roil off the workstation during usage. If you’ve just purchased a laser machine, you might wonder if you truly need an air filtration system for laser-cutter devices in your home.

Laser engraver engraving wood
An air filter’s function is to eliminate fumes and particulate matter in the air, creating a safe environment for nearby workers. Whether these fumes are produced by a laser machine or some other unit, an air filtration system can easily turn toxic clouds into breathable air.

If you have a laser machine with built-in air ventilation, you most likely don’t need an additional air ventilation system. For example, the OMTech Polar is an all-inclusive, desktop laser machine that comes with an inline duct fan and duct tubes for ventilation.

OMTech Polar Desktop Laser Engraver

OMTech Polar 350 Desktop Laser Engraver

This means you can direct the engraver’s exhaust to the outdoors, preserving your indoor environment. So, if you’re looking to circumvent the need for an additional air ventilation system, get the powerful and versatile OMTech Polar.

The safety and comfort of our customers are paramount, so ensure you are utilizing your laser machine with an air filtration system. Whether this looks like purchasing a unit with ventilation or acquiring an air filter accessory, the only thing that matters is having a safe working environment.

Why Is It Important to Have a Filter When Using a Laser Cutter?

Having a filter when using a laser cutter/engraver is important for maintaining a safe and breathable environment while working. Just as you might need eye protection from the intense laser beam, it is also essential to protect your lungs from the fumes and particulates produced by the laser machine.

Cutting materials like PVC, artificial leather, and other materials can produce, at best, unpleasant odors, or; at worst, hazardous fumes that detriment your health.

For home users, you might be utilizing your laser machine wherever you have room; whether it’s a garage, bedroom, or storage space, having ventilation is essential. If you are unable to ventilate the fumes from your laser machine to the outdoors via an open window or exhaust fan, utilizing air filtration for laser engraving is paramount for maintaining your physical well-being.

Person using laser engraving machine

Safe Practices for Laser Engraving

Because we’ve mentioned the importance of using a laser-engraver air-filtration system, we must also briefly highlight the best practices for laser safety.

  • Ensure your workspace is clear of flammable items and clutter.
  • Keep your laser machine up-to-date on maintenance
  • Includes servicing ventilation fans, replacing cooling water, etc.
  • Store the magic key that unlocks the laser machine in a safe place.
  • Utilize protective, laser eyewear when using a diode laser.
  • Wear a proper face mask to avoid harmful particles.

What Air Filtration System Goes With My CO₂ Laser Machine?

The wattage of your CO₂ laser machine determines how powerful your air filtration system should be. Higher-powered systems require larger air filters to efficiently remove hazardous vapors and odors from your workspace.

Laser Machine Wattage

Products Compatible

55W and below

120W Air Purifier, Filtrabox MICRO Fume Extractor, XL300 330W Fume Extractor

60W-80W (20x28 bed)

XL300 330W Fume Extractor, Filtrabox COMPACT Fume Extractor


Filtrabox EXPAND X1 Fume Extractor

Our recommendations for the best air purifiers for CO₂ laser engravers are the XL300 330W Fume Extractor for laser machines 55W and below, the Filtrabox COMPACT Fume Extractor for 60W-80W, and the Filtrabox EXPAND X1 Fume Extractor for 100W and above.
XL300 330W Fume Extractor

XL300 330W Fume Extractor

What Air Filtration System Goes With My Fiber-Laser Marker?

Laser Machine Wattage

Products Compatible

20W-30W (light production)

XF-180 3-Stage Filter Fume Extractor

50W+ (heavy production)

XF-250 3-Stage Filter Fume Extractor

The XF-180 3-Stage Filter Fume Extractor is our recommendation for fiber-laser machines between 20W and 30W that are utilized under 4 hours per day (light production). The XF-250 3-Stage Filter Fume Extractor, on the other hand, is recommended for machines equal to and above 50W that see heavy production—over 4 hours daily.

XF-250 3-Stage Filter Fume Extractor

XF-250 3-Stage Filter Fume Extractor

Take a Breath and Create With OMTech!

With OMTech, it’s all about crafting with confidence. Equip our high-tech and reliable laser machines with a dependable air filtration system for laser-cutter tech for safe and unstoppable creativity.

Combining these devices ensures you are working in a secure environment where you can focus on your next project instead of the safety of yourself and others. Protect your health and experience boundless possibilities with OMTech!