How Your Laser Engraver Software Plays a Key Role for Your Machine

laser engraver software


Laser engraving software continues to evolve at a fast pace. The truth is that permanently engraving attractive designs is not an expensive or luxurious endeavor. In fact, for many industries, it has become a standard requirement.

Today, most laser engraver machines are compatible with specially-designed laser software. Essentially, you need to think of it as a communication platform that sends the design to the laser machine.

Let’s take a look at the most compatible, popular, and intuitive laser engraver software programs that are fundamental to your machine:


As far as the popularity of the laser engraving software goes, Lightburn is at the top. The software packs a solid combination of features. In fact, you can use the software for arranging, editing, and image tracing. You can also use Lightburn as communication software for your machine.

Lightburn is an easy-to-use software for raster and vector work. Although it depends on your requirements, you may not have to use the full version of the software. One of the software’s hallmark qualities is its compatibility with all three major operating systems such as macOS, Linux, and Windows.


  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Comes with a variety of image tracing features
  • One month free trial available


  • Comes with limited export options in the trial version
  • Compatible with controllers such as Ruida and Trocen


CorelDRAW is one of the most robust vector-based laser engraver software. It is arguably the most powerful software in the market right now. However, it comes with a higher price point than other laser engraving programs.

You don’t necessarily have to get the expensive version of the software. There are multiple formats of the software that offer different subscriptions and packages. In any case, CorelDRAW has a long list of features, flawless layout structure, and a customizable interface.


  • Close competitor of Adobe Illustrator
  • Offers an extensive list of features
  • Comes with image tracing
  • Offers tutorials and guides on its official site
  • Comes with a free trial version for 15 days


  • CorelDraw does not provide the same performance on macOS as it does on Windows
  • The monthly and annual charges of the software are quite high


EzCad is one of the most flexible and intuitive laser engraver software you can use. It has robust processing and compatibility functions that meet the requirements of most users. The software supports popular fonts such as JSF (single-line fonts), DMF (array fonts), and TTF (true-type fonts).  In addition, the software allows users variable text processing, which means you can alter the text in real-time.

EzCAD is also the go-to software when it comes to fiber laser markers, which are perfect for laser engraving beautiful designs on hard plastic and metals.


  • Compatible with most image formats
  • Compatible with the major vector graphics
  • Supports more than 256 layers that allow users to set numerous processing parameters
  • Comes with great features like graphical curve welding, node editing, intersection and cropping calculations
  • Comes with free flow graphic and design patterns
  • Offers a wide array of control objects to communicate with external devices
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Users often experience a delay in each segment during laser engraving
  • Difficult to adjust or change the red light pointer


RDWorks is what you would call the dark horse of laser engraving software. It is a powerful tool that enables users to undertake creative laser engraving projects. RDWorks offers support for polyline, drawing points, vertical lines, horizontal lines, rectangular, squares, text, curves, etc.

It is an excellent program to create and edit designs or patterns for laser engraving in the machine. The software has a dedicated environment that allows users complete access to draw specific points.


  • Offers support for CAD files.

  • Relatively not as info-heavy as other laser engraver programs

  • Supports (almost) all drawing lines and points


  • Previous versions of the software don’t perform as good as the current version
  • Users often experience lagging issues on the Windows OS

Which Software is Better for YOUR Machine?

Laser engraving software has become synonymous with accuracy. With high resolution and detailed graphics, you can practically engrave the smallest surface material with utmost precision.

When you choose laser engraver software, consider that laser source is one of the components of the program. For instance, the design of EzCAD specifically caters to fiber laser markers. On the other hand, pairing software to your OMTech laser engraver depends on the model. For example, our desktop models are only compatible with programs such as K40Whisperer and Inkscape. LightBurn is considered the go-to program for its wide compatibility with macOS and Windows and its ability to control laser settings from within the software.

Ultimately, look for software that comes with features that are key to your main applications and offer a straightforward laser engraving process. It is also vital to remember that each laser engraver tool has the unique output and design capabilities.

The same rules apply to the software’s limitations. In hindsight, before you decide on software, take into account all your output and design requirements for laser engraver processing. Besides, it makes sense to figure out how you intend to use the program beforehand. In comparison, LightBurn fairs well and offers comprehensive features and compatible controllers.

Wrap Up

More individuals and business entities have started to understand the long-term value and benefits of laser engraving software. You can utilize laser engraver software for your machine with endless possibilities. The fact of the matter is that any material that requires engraving would be a perfect candidate. In retrospect, laser engraving tools are highly unique and can render high-quality designs affordably and instantly.