30 Ideas for Custom Laser-Engraved Gifts for Him

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Show your appreciation for the men in your life with personalized, laser engraved gifts for him. Whether you’re trying to compile ideas for laser-engraved Christmas gifts or gathering information on products to sell for your small business, check out our list of 30 ideas for custom laser-engraved gifts for guys. 

1. Custom Leather Belt 

Get a loved one’s initials or a custom message engraved onto a leather belt for him! You can even etch unique designs onto the waist, creating a stylish statement piece. Decorate the belt with the silhouette of a mountain range, a herd of horses, or a flock of birds taking flight! 

laser engraved leather belt

2. Custom Engraved Watch

Make a sleek watch even more iconic by etching a special someone’s initials or a special quote on the watchband or the underside of the watch itself. Stainless steel, titanium, leather—it doesn’t matter—you can laser engrave on all these materials and more! 

laser engraved watch

3. Personalized Engraved Sunglasses

Offer simple customization to staple accessories like sunglasses! Engrave symbols, initials, coordinates, or any other small elements onto the sides of the glasses for unique personalization. Laser engravers can mark plastic, metal, and many other materials!

laser engraved sunglasses

4. Laser Etched Decanter

A classy, personalized gift for people who love to entertain. Get a laser-engraved glass decanter for that sophisticated person in your life who likes to enjoy a drink. You can even get them a monogrammed, custom glass to go with their decanter, making this great for laser-engraved gift ideas

laser engraved decanter

5. Monogrammed Whiskey Glass 

Give your loved one a personalized whiskey glass to go with their engraved glass decanter! Having a matching set for their collection will make special occasions all the more exciting. Every time they celebrate an achievement or take a drink, they’ll think of you and your thoughtfulness.

laser engraved whiskey glass

6. Monogrammed Bar Tools 

Perfect for those who like crafting special drinks for themselves and guests, monogrammed bar tools add a personal touch to every cocktail or mocktail. Engrave their name, initials, or a symbol onto a shaker to create a unique, custom gift for any bartender! 

laser engraved cocktail shakers

7. Engraved Golf Clubs 

Have someone who loves shooting balls on the range? A custom-engraved golf club will have them thinking of you with every swing. Get their name, initials, or a special message etched onto the club for a unique present. Now they’ll never lose this precious keepsake!

laser engraved golf clubs

8. Personalized Hammer

Ideal for the handyman in your life, a personalized hammer or tool in general will add a custom touch to every job they perform. If your significant other or relative owns a business, even better—get their logo engraved onto their tools for a professional, uniform look!

laser engraved hammer

9. Monogrammed Toolbox 

You can’t have custom tools without having a custom toolbox! Get your loved one’s name or initials marked onto their toolbox for a cool and unique present. They’ll never mix their toolbox up with anyone else’s with their own personal design engraved into it!

laser engraved toolbox

10. Personalized Leather Wallet 

Get a bespoke wallet for that special someone in your life. Have their favorite movie character, quote, or abstract art engraved onto the wallet for a custom present that’s sure to delight them. Whether it’s Star Wars themed or monogrammed, the sky’s the limit for what you can engrave for a custom leather wallet.

laser engraved wallet

11. Custom Leather Toiletry Bag 

When traveling, it’s always a good idea to have all your toiletries in one place. Give your loved one a custom leather toiletry bag to collect and mark their belongings! Monogram their initials, engrave their name or an abstract design, anything’s possible when custom-engraving gifts.

laser engraved toiletry bag

12. Engraved Jewelry 

Engraved jewelry isn’t just for women; it’s for everyone! A personalized ring, bracelet, or necklace makes a great, custom gift for anyone in your life. Commemorate certain dates like anniversaries or birthdays, or engrave your combined initials. Custom jewelry is an excellent way to keep those you love close to your heart. Sentimental and personal presents like these make the best laser-engraved Valentine gifts.

laser engraved jewelry

13. Personalized Cutting Board

No matter who does the cooking in the house, a custom cutting board offers a sophisticated air to any meal. Use an engraved wooden cutting board to cut meats or as a platform for your charcuterie masterpieces. Either way, the long-lasting wooden engravings add a custom touch to any kitchen!

laser engraved cutting board

14. Personalized Lighter

Get a friend or family member a personalized lighter for all occasions! Decorate the exterior with abstract patterns, references to movies or books, or pictures of cherished memories. No matter the design, custom-engraved lighters can make great laser-engraved wedding gifts for guests or groomsmen!  

laser engraved lighter

15. Engraved Switchblade

For those who enjoy camping and the great outdoors, a custom switchblade is a useful and sentimental gift. Not only is a personalized knife functional, but it will also make a great keepsake for those that you love. Engrave a scenic landscape, a pawprint of their pet, or their name onto the tool for a unique, personal present.

laser engraved switchblade

16. Personalized Kitchen Knives

On a similar note, personalized kitchen knives add a sophisticated air to kitchen prep work. Have their initials engraved into the wooden handle, or get custom designs etched into the blade. Either way, a laser engraver can efficiently engrave on either wood or metal. 

laser engraved kitchen knives

17. Custom Leather Patch for Hats 

Perfect for those who constantly wear baseball caps or trucker hats, a custom-engraved leather patch offers subtle personalization to any wardrobe. Mark the leather patch with your combined names, a custom logo, or a picture of a loved one or pet. Simplistic and personal, this gift is ideal for those who enjoy small, thoughtful presents.

laser engraved leather patches

18. Personalized Leather Portfolio

Help your loved ones ace their interviews with a personalized leather portfolio holder! Sleek and sophisticated, a monogrammed portfolio will give them that professional edge in meetings, interviews, or anywhere they go. 

laser engraved leather portfolio

19. Engraved Tumbler/Thermos

With stainless steel tumblers being all the craze these days, why not elevate a typical gift by getting a custom engraving on it? What you can etch onto a tumbler with a laser engraver and a rotary attachment is limitless! Mark water bottles with stunning scenery like snow-capped trees or shadowy mountaintops for a unique, personalized present.

laser engraved tumbler

20. Personalized Beer/Wine Glass

Gift someone a special present that makes every celebration a special one. Custom-engraved beer or wine glasses can be for any occasion, whether it be a birthday party, wedding, or anniversary. Get your loved one’s favorite sports team etched onto a beer mug so that they can watch every game in style. Use a rotary accessory with your laser engraving machine to engrave onto cylindrical or irregularly shaped objects!

laser engraved beer glass

21. Monogrammed Leather Briefcase/Duffel Bag

Great for frequent flyers or businessmen, an engraved briefcase or duffel bag will ensure they will never part with their personal belongings. Customized a leather briefcase or duffel with their initials, name, or even a cool logo. 

laser engraved leather bag

22. Personalized Flask 

Enjoy drinks on the go with a personalized flask! From elegant monograms to intricate designs of landscapes, the possibilities are endless for laser-engraved gifts like these. Make every drink a celebration with a custom-engraved flask. 

laser engraved flask

23. Personalized Football 

Put the spirit of the sport into your gift-giving with a custom-engraved football! Laser etch their name, an inspirational message, or a memorable date onto a football. Great for any sports fan—a personalized football makes for a cherished piece of memorabilia that you can throw around.

laser engraved football

24. Custom Basketball 

Highlight a loved one’s dedication to ball with an engraving of their nickname, number, or other sentimental design for a gift that makes a slam dunk. The laser-engraved personal touch will transform a simple basketball into a sentimental gift. 

laser engraved basketball

25. Engraved Baseball Glove

Don’t drop the ball on this custom gift for baseball players and fans! A necessity on the field, a personalized baseball glove can remind players of special dates or moments. You can even get their name engraved onto the glove so that they never lose it! 

laser engraved baseball glove

26. Custom Baseball Bat

Knock it out of the park with a custom baseball bat engraved with unique designs for personal flair. Whether it's a design of flames or a simple signature of their baseball hero, the laser-engraved detail will add individuality and inspiration to a plain bat. 

laser engraved baseball bat

27. Custom Car Cigarette Lighter Cover 

Perfect for any car guy, a custom car cigarette lighter cover can add some personality to any vehicle. Engrave the cover to turn it into an “ejector” button, turning car rides into adventures for everyone! Cater to your loved one’s sense of humor with a funny “booster rocket” or “parachute” cigarette lighter cover for their car.

laser engraved cigarette lighter cover

28. Engraved Expresso Hand Tamper

For any coffee enthusiast, an engraved expresso hand tamper combines their love for craftsmanship with the artisanal world of coffee-making. Personalize the tool with their initials or a simple design to put love into every cup. 

laser engraved expresso hand tamper

29. Custom AirPods Case

Turn an everyday carry item into a statement with a custom AirPods case. Laser engraving offers a unique opportunity to personalize with finesse—from elegant monograms to graphics that align with hobbies or interests.

laser engraved airpods case

30. Personalized Phone Case

Customize a phone case with laser-engraved artwork, quotes, or special photos. A custom phone case should reflect the owner’s character, whether it’s showing your love for animals with a dog phone case or conveying your interests with a Harry Potter phone case. 

laser engraved phone case

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