6 DIY Wedding Wood Signs Ideas To Get You Inspired

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You'll remember your wedding day forever, so make sure it reflects your personality and your love. Personalized, engraved wooden signs are the perfect canvas for all your "I-do" dreams. Whether your style is boho and flowery or sleek and sophisticated, the following ideas will make your wedding weekend magical and memorable. 

Wood Sign Idea #1: Welcome Signs

laser engraved welcome sign

Laser-engraved wedding welcome signs offer endless customization possibilities. Here are some laser engraving ideas that will fit with your wedding theme and style:

  • Classic elegance: For indoor and outdoor weddings, engrave your names in a flowing script font surrounded by a border of delicate vines or florals.
  • Rustic charm: For a nature-inspired theme, choose a distressed scrap wood finish and bold, sans-serif fonts. For example, include elements like pine trees, mountains, or wildlife on your rustic wedding sign.
  • Modern minimalism: For a contemporary wedding theme, use a sleek, polished wood surface with minimalist text and geometric shapes or lines.
  • Vintage flair: Choose a dark-stained wood and engrave it in a typewriter or retro font. Add decorative borders like lace patterns or classic filigree to enhance the vintage feel.
  • Personal story: Engrave a map highlighting significant places in your relationship, such as where you met, got engaged, and your wedding location, to add a personal touch to your welcome sign.
  • Interactive signs: Create a sign with an engraved calendar of your wedding day or a timeline of events to welcome guests and highlight the day's festivities.

    Wood Sign Idea #2: Love Quotes for a Romantic Ambiance

    Few things are more romantic than your favorite love quotes on a DIY wood wedding sign. Show off your DIY skills with these ideas:

    • Centerpiece quotes: Use small wooden wedding signs or plaques engraved with love quotes as part of your table centerpieces. Pick quotes that reflect significant moments in your relationship or have meaning to you as a couple.
    • Pathway posts: Line the pathway you'll walk down with small wooden stakes engraved with lines from a romantic poem or song. 
    • Photo booth backdrop: Create a large wooden backdrop engraved with famous romantic quotes or lyrics from your favorite love songs. You can use this as a photo booth so guests can capture their own romantic moments.
    • Hanging signs: Suspend wooden signs from trees or ceiling beams. On each one, engrave a different love quote. An outdoor or barn wedding would be ideal for this idea.

    Wood Sign Idea #3: Ceremony Backdrop Signs

    laser cut wood backdrop for wedding

    Ceremony backdrop signs for weddings add a stunning focal point to your ceremony and wedding party. Here are some attention-grabbing laser cut projects to set the stage for your wedding day decor:

    • Full-size wooden panels: Use large wooden panels as a backdrop for your ceremony, with your vows or a love quote engraved across them. 
    • Hanging wooden slats: Suspend multiple wooden slats or planks from a frame, each featuring a line from your favorite poem, song, or religious verses. 
    • Circular wooden arch: A circular arch with your initials and wedding date engraved in the center provides a modern twist on traditional arches. 
    • Triangular frames: For a geometric and contemporary design, you can join triangular wooden frames to form a unique pyramid-like structure behind you as you exchange vows.
    • Boho chic: Incorporate a bohemian style with a simple wooden frame engraved with flowers and vines and adorned with macrame or woven tapestries.

    Wood Sign Idea #4: Table Numbers and Menus

    Use your DIY wedding wood signs to dress up your tables by creating laser-engraved table numbers and menus:

    • Elegant table numbers: Design table numbers on small wooden stands in your wedding style. You can use a small floral engraving around the edge for a garden wedding or a formal geometric design if you have a modern theme.
    • Combination centerpieces: Combine table numbers with a brief menu or schedule of events on a wooden plaque in the center of the table. You'll keep guests up-to-date about what's for dinner or the next activity. 
    • Freestanding menus: You can create larger, freestanding wooden menus for each table that list the courses and ingredients for guests with dietary restrictions. Use a decorative border that fits in with your aesthetic.
    • Bar menus: If you're having a bar, engrave drink options onto DIY wooden signs at the bar. You can emphasize your signature cocktails or local brews to make it even more personal.

    Wood Sign Idea #5: Directional Signs With Rustic Charm

    laser engraved wood wedding sign

    Laser-engraved directional signs make your special day run smoothly while adding to the ambiance of your elegant wedding. Here are some ideas for DIY wood signs for wedding decoration:

    • Arrow signs: Carve arrows on separate wooden planks pointing toward key locations such as the ceremony, dance floor, and restrooms.
    • Milestone markers: Engrave posts with distances showing how far wedding guests have come or where important milestones in your relationship occurred, such as where you met or got engaged.
    • Natural wood stakes: Use natural branches or reclaimed wood for an authentic rustic feel. Engrave each with directions or labels and plant them along the walkways. You can also include them with potted plants as favors at your bridal shower. 

    Wood Sign Idea #6: Hashtag Sign for Social Media Fun

    Laser-engraved wooden hashtag signs tap into the power of social media. After your wedding, you'll be able to look through these pictures and see your wedding through the eyes of your guests. Here are some ideas for spreading the hashtag love:

    • Create a catchy hashtag: Pick a unique hashtag that combines your names, the wedding date, or a playful pun. Make it easy to remember and specific to your event. Do a quick internet search to ensure no negative connotations are attached to it.
    • Display it prominently: Post your hashtag signs at key points where guests are likely to take photos, such as the entrance, near the photo booth, or at the bar. 
    • Make it clear: Engrave a phrase such as "Share the Love," "Capture the Moments," or "Snap & Tag" on a piece of wood to encourage guests to use the hashtag.
    • Stay true to your theme: Use the same laser engraving elements on your hashtag sign that you included on your other DIY wedding signs so they fit in with your wedding decorations.
    • Light it up: Use backlights or spotlights to make your sign stand out and attract attention.

    Add a Personal Touch to Your Special Day

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