OMTech Polar vs. xTool P2 vs. Glowforge Pro: Which Is Best?

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Desktop laser engravers are the ideal starting point for beginners and hobbyists looking to break into the custom laser engraving industry. With the ability to craft personalized items like monogrammed wooden cutting boards, special acrylic signs, and more, your creative options are truly limitless with a CO2 laser engraver! 

If you’re in the market for a laser engraver, considerations like price, durability, accessories, and key features factor into your ultimate decision. In this article, we’ll compare some of the industry's best compact laser engravers: the OMTech Polar, the Glowforge Pro, and the xTool P2. This comparison guide will pit Glowforge vs. xTool vs. OMTech to help you determine which is the best desktop laser engraver for you. 

Desktop Laser Engraver Comparison


OMTech Polar

Glowforge Pro

xTool P2





Laser Power




Working Area

570 x 300mm

495 x 279mm

660 x 355mm

Engraving Speed





970 x 565 x 234mm

965 x 527 x 210mm

1000 × 639 × 268mm


Lightburn, Offline Software

Glowforge Web Base

xTool Creative Space, Lightburn


2 years

12 months

12 months

Included Accessories

Rotary and duct fan


Material kit

*as of 3/21/24

The OMTech Polar 350 Laser Engraver 

omtech polar desktop laser engraver

One of OMTech’s best-selling products, the OMTech Polar has taken the laser engraving world by storm with its user-friendly controls and robust features at an affordable price point. Coming in at $2,599.99, the OMTech Polar is an economic Glowforge alternative that does not compromise on quality. 

The Polar’s iconic and seamless white exterior houses a powerful 50W laser and an impressive all-in-one function that allows you to work with various types of materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, glass, fabric, food, and more! 

The main selling point of the Polar Desktop Engraver is its versatility. Not only is it a capable laser engraver for wood and other materials, but it also comes with a rotary accessory that allows users to engrave irregularly shaped objects like pint glasses, cups, dowels, and more. Typical mini laser engravers aren’t compatible with rotaries due to their limited bed depths, making the Polar an invaluable desktop laser engraver that can also etch cylindrical objects. 

using a rotary laser engraver for laser engraving cylindrical objects

Some other notable features of the OMTech Polar are the substantial working area and engraving speed. With 570 x 300mm of engraving space and a max engraving speed of 600mm/s, the Polar can quickly and accurately perform tasks on items large and small. 

When you purchase the Polar 350, you’re not only acquiring a highly efficient and precise CO2 laser engraver—you’re also receiving an exhaust fan and rotary with your purchase. Additionally, the Polar has a water chiller and air assist built into the device, ensuring your machine runs smoothly and to the best of its ability. 

The Glowforge Pro 

Similar in aesthetics to the OMTech Polar with its sleek white build, the Pro is Glowforge’s take on the desktop laser engraving machine. At $5,995, you’re purchasing 45W of laser engraving power for materials like cardboard, wood, leather, cork, and more. However, Glowforge machines are renowned for their intuitive features and user-friendly design, making them worth the price to some. 

A notable upgrade of the Glowforge Pro laser engraver is the passthrough slot that accommodates longer items under ¼” thick and 20” wide. This allows you to cut and engrave larger objects; an impressive feature for a smaller CO2 laser engraver. 

The Glowforge Pro utilizes web-based software, meaning that you must have Internet connection to use your laser engraver. Just like many laser machines, it is compatible with files like JPG, SVG, PNG, PDF, and other files, allowing you access to a wide range of formats. 

xTool P2

Coming in at $4,349, the xTool P2 is well-known for its ease of use and reliability. With quick engraving speeds of up to 600mm/s, a powerful 55W laser, and a larger working bed of 1000 × 639 × 268mm, the xTool CO2 laser is a solid contender. 

Just like the Glowforge Pro, the xTool laser also has an autopass function, allowing you to cut and engrave longer items. This opens up the doors for you to work with materials of all shapes, sizes, and types—from acrylic to wood to canvas and more. This versatility in materials makes the CO2 laser one of the most desirable products in the laser industry! 

The xTool laser cutter can directly engrave onto glass, leather, marked metal, and countless other materials for unlimited creativity. While it cannot cut metal, it can cut through mediums like cardboard and wood for custom boxes, personalized figures, and more. The P2 can cut through solid woods of up to 18mm thick, and plywood up to 12mm thick. 

OMTech vs. xTool vs. Glowforge: The Final Verdict 

With all the features and specifications laid out, the choice of which desktop CO2 laser engraver reigns triumphant is up to you. However, consider these factors before choosing a desktop laser engraver. 

When it comes to productivity, the OMTech Polar measures up well against the competition with a high-powered and quick laser that beats out the Glowforge 3D laser printer. With 50W of laser power that engraves at a maximum speed of 600mm/s, the Polar is a clear choice over the significantly slower and less powerful Glowforge Pro with an engraving speed of 142mm/s.

laser engraving wood patterns

While the xTool P2 Laser does surpass the OMTech Polar in terms of bed size and laser power, the significantly higher price point is also a major consideration for buyers. If you prioritize price over size, however, the Polar is the way to go.  

Additionally, OMTech offers the longest warranty period, giving you 2 years of coverage on damaged and broken machine parts as opposed to Glowforge’s and xTool’s 12-month warranty. This increased coverage offers you peace of mind when purchasing your laser engraver, ensuring that your investment will not go to waste. 

OMTech Laser: The Ultimate Laser Engraving Tool 

OMTech Polar desktop laser engraver for beginners

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and affordable laser engraver you can count on, the OMTech Polar is one of the best desktop laser engravers around! Those striving to take their small business or part-time hobby to the next level can look to OMTech—a reputable laser company that prioritizes quality customer support and innovative technology. 

With over 15 years of experience in the laser industry, OMTech brings you new, cutting-edge products to fuel your creativity. Find the best desktop laser engraver for your small business here! 

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