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Communication with our customers is the very foundation our company is built upon. At OMTech, you can count on us to provide timely and technical U.S based customer service solutions for all your engraving questions.

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Read about our recent acquisition of Orion Motor Tech and Preenex on platforms such as Amazon and eBay! Learn more by clicking the button down below:

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We have teamed up with Balboa Capital to offer you fast, hassle-free financing on our machines and other products. Find out how you can start engraving your dream creations without the financial pressure.

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See our side-by-side comparison of our 55W Mid-Range CO2 Laser Engraver and the Glowforge Pro. Immediately understand why making the switch to OMTech is as easy of a decision as ever!

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Training and Installation

In order to better serve our customer's laser experience, we offer training and installation through our partnership with Joe Braga and Engravers Choice SST.


 I would highly recommend the on-site training for anyone that purchases an OMTech Laser regardless of your current skill level. I promise you there is always more to learn and Joe Braga is the guy to be able to teach you.  Joe and the OMTech team make my business and my customers as important to them as they are to me.

Rick K.
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