LTL Shipping FAQ

What is LTL shipping?

LTL stands for less than truckload shipping. With LTL, your large equipment will be transported along with other customers' shipments in the same truck. This is a cost-effective way to ship oversized items that would be too large for parcel carriers like UPS or FedEx.

How is my LTL shipment priced?

LTL shipping rates are based on the weight of your shipment, its dimensions/cubic feet, distance it needs to travel, and additional services like lift-gate delivery. We offer competitive LTL pricing through our partnerships with major carriers.

How long will delivery take with LTL shipping?

Transit times vary based on origin and destination but are typically between 3-10 business days for deliveries within the contiguous US. Shipments may be temporarily warehoused during transit.

Do you offer liftgate service for residential/business delivery?

Yes, we will arrange a liftgate service for residential deliveries that require use of a hydraulic lift to lower your heavy equipment safely to the ground. If you have a commercial address and need liftgate unloading, please inform us after placing the order. 

Can you deliver to a commercial address with a loading dock?

Certainly, we specialize in arranging deliveries to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other sites with an exterior loading dock, freight elevator or forklift. There is no additional charge for this service.

What if my business doesn’t have a loading dock?

For deliveries to sites without a loading dock, you'll want to request curbside delivery. This leaves the equipment at the curb closest to your building entrance. The lift-gate fee would apply here as well.

Do I need to be present for delivery?

Under normal circumstances, the carrier will call to make an appointment before delivery, and will require a signature for confirmation when receiving the goods. When the carrier calls to notify you to schedule a delivery time, it is suggested that you schedule a time within 4-8 hours after the call and arrange for someone to inspect, sign for, and pick up the goods. If no one is available, the driver may leave the equipment curbside or attempt redelivery on another day, which could incur additional fees.

What if my equipment arrives damaged?

Inspect your shipment closely at time of delivery and note any visible damage on the carrier's Proof of Delivery before signing. Take clear photographs documenting damage as well. Alert us right away to start the claims process.