Are you looking to engrave your dream creations without the financial pressure? Here at OMTech, we acknowledge and understand that acquiring a laser engraver can be a financial investment for a lot of users. That being said, we have teamed up with ClickLease to offer our users fast, hassle-free financing. Check out why you should consider financing your next machine and the steps of doing so.




Clickease FAQS

Click Lease is a “Lease to Own” Financing option that we provide here at Omtech. It allows guests who are looking for an option to make monthly payments to place an order for machines and accessories through us. 

You will apply and be approved by Click Lease, Omtech creates an invoice showing the order total and items, Click Lease uses the invoice to create the contract, You signs the contract, and Click Lease pays Omtech the order total directly, Omtech ships the order to you.

You must apply on the Click Lease website. The decision to approve or deny you is solely up to Click Lease.(If your application shows denied please reach out to click lease directly.)

In order for click lease to calculate what your monthly payments would be they have to receive a invoice from Omtech showing your order total.

No, the prices displayed on our website are the final price, and leasing agreements are based on the order total provided by Omtech to click lease.

Down payments are OPTIONAL but must be paid upfront to Omtech. Once the down payment is received, Omtech will provide Click Lease with an invoice for the remaining order balance. The guest's monthly rate would be calculated based on the remaining order balance.

The 5% off codes don't apply to click lease orders.

All the items on the website excluding pre-owned units, Sales Appointments, and VTS Appointments.

● If you want to know your monthly payment?
● Questions regarding extending your lease.
● Are there any penalties for paying off the lease early?
● Why is there a documentation fee?
● Can I negotiate equipment leasing prices?
● Will I own the equipment or is it a lease to own?
● Portal issues- Can't upload ID, or verify banking information, any issue completing any task in the click lease portal must be handled by click lease directly.

Please note once a contract has been signed the invoice cannot be updated.

The guest should be advised that a restocking fee will be deducted from the refund issued back to click lease the refund is issued once all the items have been returned to the warehouse.

Please note that a restocking fee will be deducted from the refund issued back to click lease. The refund will be issued once all the items have been returned to the warehouse.

Orders placed directly through the website using a credit or debit card are the only orders that will be visible in the account.

Points accrued through purchases made via Clicklease cannot be redeemed on Clicklease orders. However, they can be utilized when directly purchasing products on our website.

if you don't receive your points, please contact our customer support team for help.

Advised the guest the decision is made by click lease and is usually based on your payment history.

The guest MUST BE transferred to the USCS team for further assistance.