The Best CO2 Laser Engraver: OMTech Pro 2440 vs. Thunder Nova 35

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In a world where creativity meets innovation, selecting the right CO2 laser engraver can transform your ideas into breathtaking realities. Take ideas for your small business and build them in full force, streamlining your productivity and efficiency to their maximum potential! 

However, not all CO2 laser engraving machines are built equal. When looking for the best CO2 laser engravers, factors such as laser power, working area, price, and additional features are important considerations. In this guide, we’ll be comparing the OMTech Pro 2440 and the Thunder Laser Nova 35 to see which laser machine comes out on top.  Keep on reading to explore the differences between these two powerhouse laser engravers! 

The OMTech Pro 2440

Even though we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the sleek, modern exterior of the OMTech Pro 2440 is a thing of beauty with its classic black and silver build. Complete with wide-viewing windows made of tempered glass, this 80 to 100W engraver comes in at $6,649.99 (as of 4/3/24). Typically going for around $6,999.99, customers should take advantage of this Early Bird Special and save a couple of extra dollars!

The OMTech Pro 2440 measures 82.5” x 65.7” x 42.3” and weighs 666 pounds, a relatively lightweight for its immense size. Additionally, the Pro 2440 features a four-way passthrough, allowing you to cut and engrave materials tall and wide. Not only can this machine process large materials at a maximum speed of 1000mm/s, but it can handle many different mediums as well! Use this CO2 laser engraver/cutter for managing wood, leather, plastic, foam, cardboard, and more. 

If you’re looking for a laser engraver for wood, the max cutting depth for wood is 30mm for the 80W laser engraver and 40mm for the 100W. As for the maximum cutting depth for acrylic, you can trust that the Pro 2440 80W can cut up to a 29mm thickness and the 100W up to 33mm.  

With compatible laser software like Lightburn, RDworks, and CorelLaser, you can efficiently edit, design, and control the CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine from one platform. Other additional features of the OMTech Pro 2440 include a built-in water chiller to ensure ultimate productivity. 

The Thunder Nova 35

Like the OMTech Pro, the Thunder Nova 35 features hybrid servo motors to ensure exceptional laser engraving/cutting quality. This stellar model from Thunder Laser features 80W of laser power in its 59.1″ x 43.5″ x 40.9″ build. With the same processing speed as the Pro 2440 (1000mm/s), these similar CO2 laser engraving/cutting machines offer similar results. 

The Thunder Nova features two passthrough doors, accommodating materials of longer lengths. Unlike the Pro 2440, this Thunder laser machine features a honeycomb workbed of 39.4” x 28.7”. In this working space, you can cut and engrave materials such as leather, wood, paper, and countless other materials. 

Compatible laser software includes Lightburn, which comes free when the machine is purchased. With a price point of $9,900, the Thunder Nova 35 is a trusted and reliable investment for small businesses and hobbyists. 

Going Head-to-Head: Key Comparisons



Thunder Nova 35

OMTech Pro 2440




Laser Power



Working Area

39.4” x 28.7”

40" x 24"

Engraving Speed




59.1″ x 43.5″ x 40.9″

82.5” x 65.7” x 42.3”


Lightburn, RDworks, Adobe Illustrator

LightBurn, RDworks, CorelLaser


2 years for parts, 1 year for consumables

2 year general warranty, 1 year laser tube warranty

Included Accessories

Hybrid servo motors, autofocus laser

Hybrid servo motors, autofocus laser, built-in water chiller


Wattage and Performance 

While the Thunder and OMTech 80W CO2 laser engravers are perfectly matched in terms of processing speed, OMTech offers a higher wattage for customers interested in deeper engraving and cutting abilities. The Pro 2440 offers around 10-20mm more depth than the Nova 35 when cutting wood, giving it greater capabilities. Use the Pro 2440 for any projects that require deep cutting, such as creating custom wooden signs, wooden tools, and more! 

Physical Dimensions 

If you’re looking for a compact laser engraver, the Nova 35 has a slighter build at 59.1″ x 43.5″ x 40.9″. However, the Pro 2440 offers a greater working space with its larger exterior. Depending on the available space you have in your workshop and your priorities, you might consider one laser engraver over the other. 

Working Area and Bed Size 

Size matters, especially when working on extensive projects requiring long and wide materials. The OMTech laser engraver’s four-way passthrough allows you greater flexibility when working with larger mediums, as opposed to the Thunder laser cutter’s two-way passthrough. If you’re planning on wood laser engraving long or tall planks, the OMTech Pro 2440 is the way to go. 

Built-In Features

Both CO2 laser engravers utilize hybrid servo motors and an autofocus laser that allows for smooth engraving. In addition to seamless material handling, the OMTech Pro also includes a built-in water chiller that directly dissipates heat inside the machine, effectively increasing the longevity of your device. The Thunder Nova 35, on the other hand, requires an outside water chiller, adding to costs and setup. 

Water chillers are imperative for your laser cutting machine, as the device removes heat from the CO2 laser tube during production. This ensures that your laser engraver can work for longer periods and maintain optimal temperatures internally. By placing an RMCW-5200 water chiller inside the laser engraver, the Pro 2440 is designed for peak performance and minimal maintenance. 

Price Comparison

In terms of ultimate value, the OMTech Pro 2440 is the clear winner—coming in at around $3,400 less than the Thunder Nova 35. This means you’re keeping a couple of thousand dollars in your pocket with the benefit of superior cutting power, wattage, bed size, and value! When compared to Thunder Laser prices, OMTech prides itself on making advanced laser tech achievable and budget-friendly. 

Forge On With OMTech 

With higher wattage, lighter weight, larger build and bed size, an integrated water chiller, and an attractive price tag, the OMTech Pro 2440 outpaces the competition. Every modern craftsperson and small business needs a tool that delivers efficient and unparalleled laser power. Turn your laser dreams into reality with the ultimate weapon: the Pro 2440! 

Remember, you’re not just buying a laser machine, but investing in a tool that empowers you to create. At OMTech, we’re a facilitator of ideas—taking like-minded individuals and handing them the keys to a greater future. When it comes to inspiring others to take up the laser engraving craft, check out our Facebook community to connect with other laser enthusiasts and get ideas for your next project. 

Light up the way with OMTech! Browse our vast collection of top-rated laser machines and find the best laser engraver for you! 

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