Learn Lightburn for Lasers - Provided by Make or Break Shop

Learn Lightburn for Lasers - Provided by Make or Break Shop

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Hey, Brandon from Make or Break Shop here!

When I got my very first laser I couldn't wait to plug it in, turn it on and start on my first project.  But, then I hit a major roadblock: the software...

It was horrible and horribly confusing! How do I actually get the design I want to the laser and what settings do I need to use to make it happen?  Most laser software is either old, confusing or usually both.

Enter Lightburn.

Lightburn has been my go-to recommendation for laser software. It's got the right combination of functionality and ease of use that will let you spend less time tinkering on a computer and more time cutting and engraving.  But, there are still things I wish I knew before I started.

And that's where this course comes in...

I want to share with you what I've learned over the years using Lightburn with multiple machines to make all kinds of things.  My goal is for you to skip the hours of research I went through, and, instead, walk you through a process to get you using your laser as fast as possible.



Part 1: The What 

The very first step is to create what you want to cut and/or engrave.  In this section, we will cover Lightburn's native graphic creation and editing tools, plus different ways to import both vectors and images!

Part 2: The How 

Now that we have our graphics, it's time to get them ready to send to our laser.  We will cover how to dial in your cut/engrave settings as well as various methods for placement and alignment.

Part 3: The Pew Pew

Not gonna lie, this is the best part. It's time to make our laser fire! We will cover everything you'll need to know about machine control. This includes how to move your laser prior to cut, testing and finally cutting/engraving your artwork!

Part 4: The Laser

In this section, we will go over the basics of your OMTech laser.  Whether it's the latest OMTech Polar or one of the other higher-powered CO2 units, I'll show you how to hook it up and get it running!

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