Demo Room Host - Athens, Georgia - Mark B.

Demo Room Host - Athens, Georgia - Mark B.

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Machine Type: MF2028-60 - 60W CO2 Laser Engraver with 20" x 28" Working Area


OMTech Certified 

Bio: When I retired as a mechanical engineer in 2018 I decided to add some technology to my woodworking shop by purchasing a hobby level CNC router, and a cheap Chinese laser.  I quickly learned that I like the new capability this technology gave me, but I didn’t like the cheap equipment I had purchased.  First I upgraded my CNC, then I set my sights on a better laser system.  After doing a thorough search, I settled on a MF2028-60 OMTech laser cutter/engraver.  The fact that OMTech has a USA support team gave me the confidence to go ahead and order.  After it arrived and I unpacked it, I literally had the system up and running within an hour.  I haven’t needed to contact their support team, but it is nice knowing that they are there.  The only upgrade I have done so far is to install Lightburn software, and a camera system.  I am considering purchasing a rotary axis as a future upgrade.  Any regrets?  Nope!  I only wish I had upgraded sooner.

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Workspace Type: Garage

Household: 2 people

Pets: Dog

WiFi Connectivity 

Wheelchair Friendly 

Free Public Parking