Engrave Your Love Story with OMTech! Valentine's Day Sales Now!

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating love the best way we know how: with unbeatable prices on our high-tech products. Gift yourself or a loved one the present of an ultra-precise laser machine or handy accessories with our exclusive OMTech Valentine’s Day sales running from now until February 14!

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a laser machine, our Valentine’s Day sales are the perfect opportunity to purchase high-tech laser engravers or laser cutters at reduced prices. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of laser engraving or a seasoned veteran, you can find something for everyone here at OMTech.

From CO2 laser machines to fiber markers to laser cutting machines and laser machine accessories, OMTech boasts unbeatable prices for superb-quality products. Browse our vast collections to find the right machine for you!

Valentine’s Day Sale

At OMTech, we are offering up to $2,200 off on select machines—meaning that for the next 20 days, you can score fantastic deals on our laser machines. Save $300 on products such as the OMTech Polar 50W Desktop CO2 Laser Machine—our most popular CO2 desktop laser engraver. At such a discounted price, the Polar is ideal for beginners, hobbyists, or small business owners who want to maximize space by using minimal, yet efficient, machinery.

OMTech laser engraver machine

If you are looking for an extremely powerful and precise laser engraver, get 10% off on the OMTech PROLINE. The OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid Laser Engraver and the OMTech Pro 2440 CO2 Laser Engraver offer increased laser power and accuracy for those who want to cut and engrave a larger range of materials.

The Pro 3655 Hybrid, in particular, cuts stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized steel (among other materials). This laser engraver can be used with a wide range of materials—making it ideal for seasoned crafters looking for an ultra-precise laser machine. Save $1,400 on the OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid now!

OMTech Pro 3655 Hybrid Laser Engraver

Free Accessories with Purchase!

In addition to discounted prices for Valentine’s Day, you can also enjoy free laser coolant with the purchase of a CO2 machine of 50W or higher. That means you will receive a free laser coolant with the purchase of a Polar or any other 50W or higher CO2 machine, keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently.

If you are interested in a larger, high-powered machine, now is the time to buy one! We are offering a free water chiller and a free laser coolant with the purchase of a 130W or 150W machine! Not only will you receive a free laser coolant, but you will also get a free water chiller as well to help regulate temperatures inside the machine.

Free SVG Files

Looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas to go along with your OMTech laser-cutting machine? No problem! Sign up for our newsletter now to receive dozens of free SVG files for fun and cool designs to create with your laser machine.

Craft your own wine caddy set to enjoy a relaxing night in for Valentine’s Day, or create a custom-photo puzzle for you and your partner to build together! With so many exciting designs for laser-engraved items available on OMTech’s website, crafting with your laser machine is a breeze. From glass engravings and jewelry engravings to custom-built signs, the options are endless.

laser engraved gifts

Bring Meaning to the Holidays

With such fantastic prices at OMTech, the time to buy a laser machine is now! Explore your creativity at the hands of a laser engraver. Create custom, laser-engraved gifts for friends and family to love and cherish. With OMTech’s Valentine’s Day sales, the world of lasers is yours for the taking! But hurry; our sales only run until February 14, so take this opportunity to find a laser machine for an affordable price.

Celebrate love and lasers with OMTech’s exclusive Valentine’s Day sales. Save big on select machines and create custom gifts for the upcoming holiday. Browse our vast collection of laser-engraving machines and invest in the products and people you truly love!